Raglak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 12


Ragak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 12

Everyone is shocked with lakshs decision
Swara luks at Sanlak emotionally
Swara: laksh do u think that I
Laksh: swara forget think I’m sure that u hav done this deliberately
Ragini: laksh plz watever happened was an accident and even u dnt knw the truth and uttara was also present their
Laksh: no ragini dnt put ur sisters blame on my sister
Ragini: I’m not I’m telling the truth ask uttara
Ragini luks at uttara
Uttara hesitates
Uttara: no bhai it’s not my fault I dnt knw wat exactly happened
Swaragini r shocked
Swara luks at uttara and uttara luks away
Laksh: see u heard It right
Adarsh: laksh stop it
Laksh: bhai plz I’m just stopping it and that to forever
Sujata is holding Ansh and he cries
Swara walks up to sujata and is about to take Ansh wen laksh stops her
Laksh: no u will go alone that is ur punishment u seperated my child from me nw I will seperate ur child from u
Swara: laksh plz no laksh plz dnt do this
Laksh: if u had thought about us before killing my child then I wouldn’t hav done all this
Ragini: fine if swara goes even I will go with her
Laksh luks at ragini angrily
Sanskaar: swara I trust u completely and I’m going with u and ragini
Swara luks at Ansh
Swara: no sanksaar plz u hav to stay here for Ansh
Sanskaar: no swara
Swara: tumhe meri kasam
Sanskaar: that’s not fair swara
Swara: I luv u sanskaar

Laksh walks upto ragini and pulls her arm
Laksh whispers: Ragini dnt be stupid already anshs mom is goin if his masi goes then dnt knw wat will happen to Ansh who will take care of him and even protect him u understand wat I mean right
Ragini gets Shocked
Ragini luks at swara with teary eyes
Ragini: swara I’m sorry
And she hugs her
Swara understands
Swara takes the blessings of all the elders she luks at Ansh with teary eyes and
Swara holds ragini’s hand
Swara: promise me ragini that U will take care of Ansh
Ragini cries
Swara cries: promise me ragini
Ragini: promise
Laksh: nw if ur done with ur so called melodrama then plz leave
Ragini: laksh
Sanskaar heads upstairs
Swara leaves the house
Ragini breaks down and cries whilst ap and sujata console her Ansh also cries ragini luks up at Ansh and takes him
Ragini wipes her tears
Ragini: from today Ansh is my responsibility
Laksh luks at her angrily

End of flashback (lol finally)
Ansh is seen sleeping in ragini’s lap whilst the babies are in the laps of sujata and ap
Laksh is on his phone and dp and rp r talking gf is also present their
Sumi: I dnt knw where my Shona is and how she is
Laksh luks up
Laksh in his head: everyone still cares for that swara
Later on
The Gadodia family get ready to go back home Ansh also wakes up laksh takes blessings from gf
Ansh luks at laksh and does exactly the same
The family members smile
Dadi hugs ragini
Sumi is holding aarav
Sumi: hmm nw we hav to bid goodbye to u since we hav to go yes but dnt worry we will meet again wen u come to our house to stay with ur brother and mom
Sumi handsover aarav to ap and hugs ragini and kisses aryan and Ansh and leaves

All r having dinner ragini is feeding Ansh who is sitting in between raglak
Ansh: masi wen r we going to nanis house
Ragini: tommorow
Ap interupts: umm Ragin u won’t be able to go tommorow either cuz we hav arranged an pooja for aarav an aryans wellbeing umm maybe go in the evening if there is time and if the pooja finishes quickly
Sujata: that’s good jiji at least we will be able to spend more time with Aarav and aryan god knws how long these chore will stay at their nanis house
Ansh: masi
Ragini: hmm
Ansh: how do we recognise aarav and Aryan
All laugh at his innocence
Laksh: they r not identical that u will hav trouble in recognising them and anyways stop talking and just eat
Ragini: laksh
Ragini hugs Ansh
Ansh makes an inncocent cute face
Ansh: sorry chachu
Laksh luks at Ansh and his cute little puppy eyes
Ragini luks at laksh
Uttara: I’m done with eating nw I’m gonna play with my 2 adorable nephews
Ragini: thy r sleeping dnt wake them up otherwise they won’t go sleep at night and cry
Aarav and Aryan r shown sleeping in atached prams
Uttara gets angry
Uttara: bhai see bhabhi is not letting me play with ur kids
Laksh: uttara she’s right they r sleeping come to my room and see wen they r awake u Can play with them
Ragini gets happy seeing laksh supporting her but then remembers that becuz of laksh swara was seperated from her
Sujata: na today I will sleep with ragini and the babies
Rp: Acha hai aaj Manei poora bed mile ga
Sujata: key key rahe ho aap Mari besati kyun kar rahe ho
Ap: sujata bas and if u want u can sleep with ragini today
Laksh: so that means that I hav to shift my stuff to the guest room aswell
Pari: kya devar ji it’s only a couple of nights then u will be back in ur room
Lakshs luks at pari and she luks down
All head to their own rooms

Raglak room
Ragini and Ansh r both playing with the babies since they hav woken up laksh enters the room and is on a call
Laksh: hmm so wat do u suggest we should do let’s do one thing hold the conference here cuz I can’t travel outside just yet I hav to wait for a couple of months yes I can’t leave my kids alone with smone (he luks at ragini)
Ragini: Ansh u knw wat nani said that we can Stay in her house for however much time we want
Ansh: really masi
Ragini: yes shall we stay there forever(she also luks at laksh and says that)
Laksh is still on the phone
Laksh: ok I will ttyl
Laksh: ragini if u want u Can stay there forever but my kids won’t
Ragin: laksh they r also my kids aswell I hope ur not forgetting that
Just then uttara comes
Uttara: bhai
Laksh: uttara come in
Uttara: bhai ma Said that after the pooja tommorow u hav to drop bhabhi off to the baadi
Laksh: hmm anyways forget all that both aarav and aryan hav woken up
Uttara: aww so sweet they probably knew that there bua was comming
Ragini: Ansh let’s go to badi dadi some ppl want private time alone to discuss some personal things and we might disturb them
Ansh: masi but aarav and aryan
Ragini: there dad is here to take care of them
Ragini takes Ansh and leaves
Uttara and laksh both sit on the bed and play with the babies
Uttara: can’t believe they r leaving tommorow
Laksh: hmm same this room will feel empty without them
Uttara: bhai if I ask u a question then will u answer me honestly
Laksh: yh ask
Uttara: bhai do u still love bhabhi or r u putting up with her just for aarav and aryan
Laksh doesn’t say anything
Uttara: bhai u can divorce bhabhi and take the custody of aarav and aryan but u will have to wait for them to grow a bit older to get their custody
Laksh thinks
Aarav starts crying and uttara picks him up and he starts crying even more
Laksh takes aarav from uttara and tries calming him down but he doesn’t
Uttara: bhai maybe he’s Hungary let me get bhabhi
Laksh: yh hurry up
Aarav starts crying more
Laksh gets tensed
Laksh: oh god I thought about divorce and he starts crying if I actually attempt it god nws wat he Will do
Ragini rushes to the room and takes aarav from laksh
Ragini: laksh ur gonna hav to go to the bathroom
Laksh: wat y
Ragini: I need to feed aarav
Laksh: oh god ragini dnt be stupid
Ragini: fine the more u be stubborn the more ur son will stay Hungary
Laksh huffs and goes to the bathroom
After a while he comes out and sees that ragini has slept and so hav the babies
Sujata comes in
Sujata: yeh Dekho I came to play with them and thy r busy sleeping
Laksh: hmm it’s ok chachi they r gonna live here forever so
Sujata: hmm poor ragini got tired the naming ceremony ontop of that 2 kids Bechari laksh y dnt u help her
She luks at laksh
Sujata: I forgot ur a new laksh not the old laksh the one who used care so much about Ragini…..arre ur not the only one who has lost his child luk at her luk at ragini(laksh luks at ragini sleeping and has her hand on aryan and aarav) even she has lost her child arre she felt her child’s movement heart beat everything she was in more truama then u still still she dint say a word and u only being the father of the child decide that u r more hurt laksh I think u dnt knw that a mothers heart breaks wen her child is hurt and ragini’s heart did break wen she lost her child
But luk by gods grace u hav been blessed with 2 kids twins which means ur first child has come back
Laksh luks at ragini emotionally and thinks
Sujata: laksh all m saying is that y can’t u forget everything and forgive swara even Ansh needs his mother like u
Laksh: chachi plz
Sujata: laksh imagine if jiji was thrown out of this house by bhaisa then would u be able to live without her
Laksh thinks
Laksh: chachi I dnt wanna discuss all that
Laksh kisses Aarav an aryan and leaves the room

Precap dp shouts at ap and throws her out of the house whilst everyone tries stopping him


Hi guys this is ???… Sorry but I dnt wanna reveal by name just yet I might in the end and yh I dnt hav an account on tu and angel is gonna upload my ff for me and she will even reply to ur comments on my behalf So that u guys dnt get confused this is my ff but Angel is just upload in it I will send her the ff’s and she will
Upload them on my behalf

Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read

-love happens by kasam ??
-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️
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-heart connection by Halima ???❤️❤️❤️

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