Raglak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 10


Raglak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 10

Downstairs everyone is having breakfast
While raglak join them
Ap smiles seeing laksh happy

Ragini comes down and sits next to swara whilst laksh sits next to sanskaar

Swara whispers to ragini: kya Baat hai ragini ur face is glowing a bit to much and laksh is even luking so happy
Ragini nudges swara and they both laugh

Dp: laksh I hope u remember that u hav to go to Singapore for ur business meeting for 6 months

Ragini gets sad and luks at laksh while he just smiles and assures her he will come back soon

Ap: ji I was thinking that If we send ragini along with laksh

Sujata: na jiji vo kya karegi vaha I mean to say that laksh is gonna be busy in his meetings and poor ragini will get bored

Dp: sujata is right wat will ragini do their and laksh can take care Of himself

Rp: sujata jab mein bahar jata houn tab to tu yeh Sab na kehti

All start laughing

Sujata: na kyun mein Uss waqt kahoon kyun kaho I want to do shopping not stay with u

Ap nods her heads and laugh and so do the others

Raglak room
Ragini is packing lakshs stuff whilst laksh is lying on the bed and admiring ragini
Ragini: laksh promise u will take care of ur self
Laksh: promise
Ragini: laksh promise u will call me everyday
Laksh: promise
Ragini: laksh promise that u wil come back soon
Laksh: yes baba promise I promise I will fulfill all ur promises happy
Ragini: laksh
Laksh imitates ragini: laksh
Laksh: on a serious note wat do u want from Singapore
Ragini: hmmm(ragini thinks for a while)
Ragini: nothing
Laksh: wat u want nothing r u sure
Ragini: hmmm fine I want……….u to come back soon
Laksh: ok that’s easy to find and not to expensive
Both share a laugh
And a hug
Laksh bids bye to everyone and leaves the family members get sad with laksh leaving

…………..6 months later……….
Mm is decorated beautifully
Ragini is on the call with smone
Caller: wait since one month I hav been hearing that u want to tell me something then y dnt u say it
Ragini: no cuz I want to say it to u personally I mean infront of u laksh
(The caller is laksh)
Laksh: ok even i hav smthing to tell u
Ragini: wat
Laksh: turn around
Ragini Turns around and gets shocked
She sees a person and gets happy and runs to hug him
She hugs him and says: laksh
(Lol the person again is laksh)
Laksh hugs her back
Ragini: I missed u soo Much
They break the hug
laksh luks around mm
Laksh: nw tell me y is mm so decorated as if smone is gonna get married
Ragini: laksh stop it ok and today is swara’s baby shower ceremony
Laksh: oh yh
Ragini: it was delayed for 1 month just for u
Laksh: yh I remember dad telling me
The rest of the family come and see laksh ap and sujata get happy seeing laksh
Ap goes and hugs laksh
He first hesitates but hugs her back
Swara comes down with sanskaar
Swara: laksh
Laksh goes to swara and gives her a chocolate
Swara: u remembered

Laksh: how can I forget
Sanskaar hugs laksh so does rp whilst dp just blessed laksh
Sujata: aare laksh chora hurry up and get ready luk we all r ready and how m I luking
Laksh: chachi u luk superb and by the way chachi today is swara’s day and she is glowing so much but chachi along with swara even u r glowing wats the reason huh chachu
Rp get shocked
Rp: shubh shubh bol chora Manei heart attack na de tu I’ve made this mistake once i dnt wanna make it again and in this age
Sujata glares at rp
Sujata: ji ur just jealous
All the family members laugh
Ragini takes laksh to the room
Laksh enters his room
Laksh: I missed this room soo much
Ragini: This room also missed u and so did I but only for 5 months
Laksh: 5 months but i went for 6
Ragini: hmm but I got some company for the past one month
Laksh gets shocked
Laksh: wat who gave u company tell me his name
Ragini: he doesn’t hav a name yet
Laksh: wat ragini who was it
Ragini: ur not gonna be jealous of him right laksh
Laksh under his breath: jealous if it was upto me I would literally kill him how dare he take my place
Ragini: laksh what r u saying
Laksh: nothing just tell me who
Ragini: fine well he doenst hav a name but m gonna call him jr laksh
Laksh: junior laksh wat how’s that possible

Ragini: wat do u mean how’s this possible
(Ragini turns and folds her arms)
Laksh: nw where did this jr laksh come from
(Ragini gets irrited with laksh for not understanding and unfolds her arms and takes his hand and puts it on her belly)
Laksh: ragini do u hav a stomach ache
Ragini irritated: laksh jr laksh is inside here
Laksh gets shocked and understands
Laksh: u mean ur ur
Ragini nods her head and smiles
Whilst laksh too smiles
Laksh hugs ragini
Laksh: oh so from the past 1 month u r trying to tell me this
Ragini: yes and from the past god nws how many mins
Laksh: sorry ragini and thanx for this news
Ragini: I’m so happy laksh
Laksh: same and did u tell the family members

Ragini breaks the hug
Ragini: no I wanted to tell u first
Laksh: really
Ragini nods her head
Ragini: oh no laksh plz quickly get ready the function probably has stared by nw
Laksh holds ragini’s hand and stops her wen she was going to the Cuboard
Laksh: u luk beautiful vaise wen I came home I saw the glow on ur face I thought this was lakshs magic but I dnt knw it’s cuz of jr laksh although I get some credit too
(Laksh winks at ragini)

Ragini nods her head and laughs
Ragini goes downstairs whilst laksh gets changed and also joins everyone downstairs
Swara’s baby showe is being done and all enjoy this mommet
Lady: Annapurna ji nw it’s ur second Bahus turn kyun ragini wen r u giving ur gud news to everyone
Ragini blushes and luks at laksh and he winks at her which makes her blush even more
Sujata: aare behen ji dw u will get that soon
The baby shower is completed
The guest go
After the guest leave laksh also tells the family the gud news of ragini
The family get happy
Ap hugs ragini and blesses her and so does sujata
Sujata: jiji if only adarsh and pari were here aswell
Ap: hmmm

Precap suprise


Hi guys this is ???… Sorry but I dnt wanna reveal by name just yet I might in the end and yh I dnt hav an account on tu and angel is gonna upload my ff for me and she will even reply to ur comments on my behalf So that u guys dnt get confused this is my ff but Angel is just upload in it I will send her the ff’s and she will
Upload them on my behalf

Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read

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-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️
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-heart connection by Halima ???❤️❤️❤️

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