Raglak she is my wife [shot 8]

First of all sorry, because I can’t give some Raglak scenes in this part and may be in next part too. So please forgive me. Here is the shot…
Ragini thought for a while and found that shop was quite distant from hospital and suddenly something stricken her mind.

Ragini: Bhaiyya. If he came here directly or visited many shop for my address.
Shopkeeper thought for a while and said: He came in a car and stopped it before my shop and he directly came to me and said those things.

Now Ragini’s mind was now very much confused and now her mind ‘If he doesn’t know me then how does he come directly to this shop and tell about me? This shop was quite distant from that hospital. Then how does he know this shop? He came directly to this shop without going to other shop. Why? How does he know that this shopkeeper knows me and my family? Who u r Abhimanyu Khanna? Why have u done like this? Why have u created such confusion in my mind? Who r u? Why r u hiding from me and helping me? What was the reason to do it? What I am to u? Who I am to u? Who r u to me? R u my husband? Wait a second, husband? Which means r u LAKSH?’

Ragini’s thought was disturbed by a call from Arun. She remembered about Mishka. She doesn’t know what to do, to go to Mishka’s house or to get more information about Abhimanyu Khanna. But for her surprise her heart asks her to go to Mishka. So she too thought it right and she thought to continue this investigation tomorrow. So she called Arun and informed that she will be there in 5 minutes. Then she disconnected the call and saw her wall picture; it was of Laksh. She just kept on looking him. The shopkeeper who was busy with the customers saw her wall paper and said
Shopkeeper: Beta. This boy had only helped u. He only had came here and told me about u.
Ragini was shattered and shocked to hear it.
Ragini: WHAT?
Shopkeeper: Haan beta. But yesterday he was wearing specs and his hairstyle was also different.
Ragini could not believe what she had heard. She doesn’t know to be happy that at last she found him or to be worried that he didn’t show of himself. She was completely blank now. Her phone rang once again. It was from Arun again. This time too her heart asks her to go to Mishka. So she just walked to Arun’s house and they both went to Mishka’s house. Now her mind was completely blank. Arun found that she was acting weird. So he himself pressed the calling bell. Mansi came and opened the door.

Mansi: who r u both?
Arun: Hello oldie. I am Arun, Mishu’s bestie. She is my Ragu teacher. We came here to meet her. Where is she? Saying this he shouted Mishu! Mishu! Where r u? See ur don and Ragu teacher have came. Come on. Please come fast because this oldie’s face is irritating me.
Mansi was so angry and she shouted at him and he feared and hides behind Ragini which made her to come to reality. She looks at Mansi’s angry face and Arun. She finds that he had done something.

Ragini: Sorry madam. Please forgive him for whatever he had done.
Mansi Shouted: Sorry my foot. Is this the way u teach the children to respect elders?
Arun hiding behind Ragini with puppy face: Ragu teacher. I respected her as she was elder oldie. But she was shouting.
Ragini felt like laughing because of Arun’s child antics but by looking at Mansi who was like volcano going to burst out. So she controlled it and said Sorry again. But before Mansi could say something,
Mishka: Ragu teacher! Arun! I missed u both very much. Saying this she hugged them and now Arun came out and said.

Arun: Finally Mishu u came or else this beast oldie would have eaten us. Mishka started to laugh but looking at Mansi’s face she gulped and said.
Mishka: I am sorry ma. Please don’t scold them. Actually he was little mad. Please. Saying this she showed her puppy face. Before Mansi’s answer,
Arun shouted in surprise: WHAT???? Mishu, is she ur mom? Mishka nodded in yes.
Arun: OMG Mishu, I thought that she was ur house keeper. I am pity for ur father. Ragini was controlling her laughter and signaled Arun to shut up. So he closed his mouth cutely. Mansi’s patience was much tested by Arun and she yelled,

Mansi: Just hell with him. Saying this she went to her room. Now Ragini glared at Arun but Mishu was laughing thinking that he had said everything which was in her heart for years. Then they three went to Mishka’s room but Ragini failed to see Mishu and Abhi’s photo on the wall. They three enjoyed their time and now Ragini had forgot what had happened just few hours back. She was not even remembering that she had found about HER LAKSH. It was her heart which was controlling her mind’s emotions as though it knows what was going to happen next. Till now she doesn’t know that she was in ABHIMANYU KHANNA’s house and Abhi too had left for a meeting so he doesn’t know about his Ragini’s arrival. After more chit chat, Ragini and Arun thought to go to their house and just then she remembered everything, her eyes were filled with tears thinking about it. But surprisingly her heart doesn’t felt heavy actually it was expecting something going to happen. She couldn’t understand her heart’s feelings just then Arun jerked her.

Arun: Shall we go Ragu teacher? I think so that beast oldie won’t give anything to eat. If she gives also, I won’t eat it. Because she may poison thinking that I am very smart and handsome than her daughter.
He says with a cute expression and Ragini just laughed whereas Mishka gave him a I will kill u look. They three were in the hall and Mansi was in her room. Just then someone entered the house. Ragini’s back was faced to that person. He could easily say who that was and he stood there shockingly. Ragini’s heart jumped in happiness. She felt HER LAKSH’s presence after many days. Her eyes became teary and stood like that with mixed of expressions on her face. They both were brought to the world by Mishka.
Mishka: PAPA!
Abhi controlled his heart and said to himself that ‘I AM ABHIMANYU KHANNA NOT LAKSH MAHESHWARI’. So he hugged her and doesn’t even look at Ragini. Ragini turned and saw HIM, her love, her life, her soul mate, her happiness, her world, her everything, her LAKSH. But Abhi closed his eyes to avoid the eye contact with her while still hugging Mishka. Mansi came out of her room and saw Ragini standing like a child standing before ice cream parlor. Mishka broke the hug and Abhi asked her whether she took her food and medicines.
Mishka: Papa; first look at her she is my Ragu teacher and turning to Ragini he is my papa.

Abhi and Ragini looked at each other. Their time was stopped and both were having a painful eye lock. They were expressing their pain which they had undergone for these many days. They were consoling each other and talked with their eyes now only their hearts could hear what it was, even their ears had no power to hear their eye talking.
What happen next? Did u want to forgive Laksh so easily like in serial? But according to me I want Laksh to face angry side of Ragini for some days as his punishment. Please give me ur opinion. Thank u.

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  1. yes I agree with you he has to undergo many punishment not for week but for a month

  2. Awesome sis…

  3. Shilpa-Saraj

    Laksh has to face angry side of ragini…

    Nd wonderful update dear…

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  5. Follybraverl

    Yaeh Hari me too want lucky to be punished

  6. Akshitha

    I agree wid u dear.I also want laksh to face raginis anger..and dis time pls make ragini to leave abhis house with out any convo wid him

  7. Mintu

    Amazing dear…yeah Laksh deserve some punishment..

  8. Nice

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  11. Dharani

    awesome i too agree laksh should bear ragini’s anger and should try to convince her

  12. Forgive easily no way.. Though he has reason but still no ( m bit being selfish cz wanna see angry ragini n laksh manofying ragini whr as jealous laksh too )

  13. I don’t want ragini to plead infront of laksh as in the serial. Plźzzzzzzźzz. I want her to be strong infront of laksh.

  14. Asra

    awesome dear…ya I agree with u…laksh want to face our ragu angry….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…


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  17. Interesting episode

  18. Totally agreeing to you. Laksh deserves punishment

  19. A.xx

    amazing and want ragu’s anger xx

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