Raglak she is my wife [shot 7]

I am so happy after reading the comments. Thanks a lot for supporting me and I am overwhelmed that some readers had missed my ff. I promise that I will update it regularly pakka. Ok now back to the story…

Next morning,
Ragini woke up in the morning and went to water the plants. Ragini’s face was glowing brightly due to her pregnancy. Abhi was already waiting for her in his terrace. He looked at Ragini and felt that she had slept well so he felt happy and whispered ‘Thank u my little champ’. Ragini was lost in her thoughts. She was thinking that how everyone did knows that she was in the hospital and thought who had helped her and who Abhimanyu Khanna was. (Even though on her first day at school, Abhi who had a helmet, had introduced himself and told about Mishka too, Ragini had forgotten him). She thought to say thank u to him for helping her.
At Abhi’s house,
Abhi came down happily and went to Mishka’s room. He found her sleeping so cutely but her face was pale. Abhi went near and called her name. But she didn’t respond him. He touched her forehead and found that she had fever. He then wakes her up. She hardly opened her eyes.
Abhi: What happened beta? If that night’s ice cream showed its effect today?
Mishka: I don’t know papa. Papa!
Abhi: hmmm
Mishka: Will u drop me to the school?

Abhi was shocked and asked: What Mishu? U r having fever and u could not even open ur eyes then how will attend all the classes. It will be difficult for u and it was not good to others too. So just take rest now and I will take u to the doctor afterwards ok?
Mishka: No papa. How can I rest here without looking Ragu teacher and Arun? They will miss me like I miss them.
Abhi felt happy for her bond with Ragini but he felt bad for her health so he said in convincing tone.
Abhi: No Mishu beta. U have to take rest and I will inform about ur health to ur principal and she would inform ur Ragu teacher. If u goes to school with fever then Ragu teacher will worry for u naa? Does u want to see her worried face?
Mishka: No papa. I will stay at home ok?
Abhi: Good girl. Now u take rest and after a while we shall go to hospital. Ok?
Mishka nodded in yes half heartedly. He then made her to sleep and called the school principal and informed about her health and she too gave leave to Mishka.

At Baadi,
Ragini went down from terrace and went to her dadi’s house. Everyone looked at her happily because she had stepped inside to that house after 4 months.
Ragini: Maa, who told me that I am in hospital?
Sharmistha: The stationery shop keeper informed us. What had happened Ragini?
Ragini: Nothing maa. I thought to say him thanks for admitting in the hospital.
Sharmistha: But he didn’t admit u in the hospital. He told us that someone had found unconscious on the road and he doesn’t know about ur identity so he just asked that shopkeeper to inform about u.
Ragini: Oh. Ok maa I am leaving to the school. I will meet u in evening.
Sharmistha: No u should not go to work at this time and u have to take rest.
Just then
Voice: Yes. Maa is right u should not go anywhere and should take rest.
Ragini turned and found Swara with some fake anger and care on her face with her hands on her hips with a baby bump on her belly standing near the door. Ragini laughed looking at her standing position.
Swara: Don’t try to correct me by laughing. U should not go to work and that’s final. Right naa maa?
Just then AP: Yes Swara is right and I have come here to take care of my daughter.
Ragini was surprised to see her and DP along with Swasan. She bends down to take blessing but they stopped her and hugged her.
Ragini: Maa. After long time u have come here to meet ur daughter.
She said with a pout on her face and everyone smiled looking at her.
AP: Sorry beta. Actually we have gone to a trip to holy places. I am so happy when Swara told me about ur pregnancy. I am going to be grandmother for two children at short interval. Ragini let god give u all happiness.
Ragini (in mind): My happiness lies only on my love that was not near to me. Let god at least hear ur prayer to give me happiness, my love, my Laksh.
AP: I know beta what u r thinking. Definitely he will be back at least for this child. Don’t worry.
Ragini with teary eyes hugged her. AP consoled her.
Ragini: Maa, I need to go to school. Please maa. I feel peace there and with those children I just forget myself and I am so happy with them.
Swara: That is what the problem. U r forgetting about urself there, then how will u takes care of baby?
Ragini felt she was now trapped and doesn’t know what to say. So she became sad. Swara noticed that.
Swara: Ok u can go but u has to promise that u will take food and medicines on time. Ok?

Ragini felt happy and nodded in yes. Swara too felt happy.
Swara: Pinky promise?
Ragini: Pinky promise.
They both hugged each other and others happy to look their bond. Then Ragini went to school and found that Mishka was not present. She felt bad when she found that she was suffering from fever. She and Arun decided to meet Mishka at her house. Ragini doesn’t know her house address. So she got it from the school register. Actually when they hangout, Mishka will come to Arun’s house and Ragini too come to Arun’s house. So she doesn’t know her house.
At Evening,
Ragini went to Dida’s house and gets freshen up. Just then her eyes fall on a file (report). She took it and saw the name it was written as ‘Mrs. Ragini Abhimanyu Khanna’. Ragini thought who Abhimanyu Khanna was. Just then she realized that her name was written. She was shocked and her mind was filled with many questions like ‘If he doesn’t know who I am, then how does he know my name? Why he introduced himself as husband for a stranger? He could have told that I am a stranger and he has found me unconscious on the road. Why didn’t he tell like that? If he does cares for me like that then why should he leave the hospital when I am unconscious? If he was LAKSH?’ Ragini doesn’t know what to do. She then consoled her heart and calm down her mind then determined to find the truth. She then took her mobile and a bag and went to that shopkeeper who had informed about her to her family.
Ragini: Bhaiyya.
Shopkeeper turned towards her smiled: Beta. R u ok now?
Ragini nodded in yes and asked: Bhaiyya, who told me that I am in hospital.
Shopkeeper: I don’t know him beta. He just came and showed ur photo which was taken in hospital while u r unconscious and said that he had found u unconscious on the road so he took to the hospital and he said that he doesn’t know who u r and asked me whether I know u and in hurry I said yes and left the shop to inform ur family and forgot to ask about him.
Ragini thought for a while and found that shop was quite distant from hospital and suddenly something stricken her mind.

Will Ragini be able to find about ‘Abhimanyu Khanna’? Will Abhi accept that he was ‘Laksh’? What will happen next? Keep guessing and stay healthy. Keep smiling. Thank u.

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