Raglak she is my wife [shot 5]

Thank u soooooooooo much guys. Here is ur next shot.
At Baadi, Ragini’s house,
Shekhar and Sanskar break open the door and just then Ragini came out of the house. Her eyes were so red and teary. Her face was with much worries and pain. She was like a lifeless body and suddenly her heart felt like it saw Laksh, so searched for him slowly with her eyes. But just then Abhi hide somewhere and his heart was weeping to see his wife in that condition. Sharmistha and Swara hugged her and tried to pacify her. But she took off their hands and started to walk from there to be free from that environment. Sharmistha understood it and hold Swara’s hand who was about to follow her. But Abhi followed her.

At road,
Ragini was walking aimlessly on the road. She remembered her happy moments with Laksh and then the words of those ladies. Her mind was filled with questions and confusions. Her mind was blank now and she started to look at the road like a mad. Finally her vision blurred and her head started to roll like a ball and she was fainted. She was about to fall and just then Abhi caught her and called ‘Ragini. Ragini; Open ur eyes’. But she didn’t so he lifted her in his arms and carried her to a nearby hospital.
At Hospital,
Laksh was outside the emergency ward and cursing himself for the condition for Ragini. He then prayed to god to keep her happy and just then a nurse came and gave an application form to fill it. He then started to fill it hurriedly and in the name of his name he wrote ‘Laksh Maheshwari’ and he realized that he should not reveal his name now. So he poured some water on it and said it as an excuse for another form. He then filled his name as ‘Abhimanyu Khanna’ and he filled other boxes also. But he left the box where the relation with patient was asked (Actually he didn’t noticed it) and gave it to the nurse and she hurriedly took it away without just revising it. Just then doctor came out of the ward and asked Abhi to come to her cabin. He followed her.
At Doctor’s cabin,

Abhi: Doctor. Is she fine? What happened to her? Why she had fallen unconscious? Is everything alright?
While asking these his tears from his eyes had fallen down.
Doctor: Sir. Please save ur tears for a few minutes. After I explain about her health condition, u can continue ur tears ok?
Abhi was a bit confused and thought to himself ‘if something had happened to Ragini then I won’t forgive myself’
Doctor: Sir, u r going to become papa.
Abhi’s eyes become widened.
Doctor: Yes. Ur wife is pregnant about 3 weeks.
Abhi couldn’t believe his ears. His heart had already started to jump in joy. But his mind was confused.
Doctor: Sir and an advice. Please keep her happily. Actually she had fainted due to her weakness and stress. It’s not good for both mom and baby. It’s better when u take care of her carefully.
Abhi’s eyes were filled with tears. It was due to happiness that he was going to become father for the first time and due to his helplessness that he could not be with her when she needed him. Then he went out of the cabin taking Ragini’s report. He went to Ragini’s room and saw her face which was pale and sleeping due to tiredness of crying and medicine while the song ‘Tere sang yaara’ plays.

Abhi kept the reports on the table and sat on the bed beside Ragini. Then he took a picture of Ragini. He took her hand in his and kissed at it. His tears fall down and he looked at Ragini lovingly. He then kissed on her forehead. He then looked at her belly and smiled at it. He kept his hand on her belly and said.
Abhi: I know my little champ that u need me more like ur mom. But I can’t be with u always as I am having some duties and promises for a child like u. I promise u that I will be back to u when everything was alright that too before u born on this earth. Now u has to promise me that u should take care of ur mom and should not give her pain and worries. Did u got it, my little champ. Ur mom is like a small child and she would get happy so easily and would get worried so easily. Please my dear take care of her in my absence. She is my soul and she is my life. It’s the situation which had separated us. But I promise u that I will be back to my cute little family soon.
Now he looked at Ragini.
Abhi: Ragini. I don’t know how to ask u sorry. Please forgive me Ragini. I want u to be happy and my champ will surely take care of u in my absence. Please Ragini u has to be at this time. So be happy how much happy u can. I don’t want u cry my baby. I love u so much Ragini. I really really love u Ragini.
Saying this he went near the door and was about to go just then he turned to see Ragini. His heart doesn’t want to go from there while his mind compelled him to go. He then ran to Ragini and kissed her on her lips while she was unconscious. He kissed her with so much passion and intensity. Then he broke his kiss and said ‘I love u Ragini’. Then he went out of the cabin. He then thought to inform about Ragini’s health to her family members. So he went to a shopkeeper who knows Ragini’s house and their family. He informed him that a girl had fallen unconscious on the road and said that he doesn’t know that girl and asked him if he had seen this girl showing Ragini’s picture took at the hospital. The shopkeeper said that he knew her and said that he would inform to her family.

While in the hospital, the receptionist found that column was not filled. So she called the sister who took the application form and informed her. That sister said, ‘he would be her husband because he was carrying and coming her and was very much worried about her and doctor too said that he was her husband. So don’t bother and tick the husband’s column’ saying this she went from there and the receptionist too does the same.
What will happen next? Will Ragini find out about Laksh?
Wait for few more shots. Thank u.

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