Raglak she is my wife [shot 4]

Hello guys. Really sorry for the short update. Here is ur next shot…
Ragini, Arun and Mishka have become a group and everyone liked their group. Both Arun and Mishka share everything with Ragini and they share a very good bond with Ragini. Ragini too liked their company. Ragini’s days were happy due to them. They three would hang up on holidays and spend their leisure time both with entertainment and knowledge. Now Mishka too improved her skills in maths. Abhi was happy to see Ragini happy. So he encouraged Mishka to be always with Ragini.
Two months passed like this and Mansi was daily informing Nikhil about every movements of Abhi. He planned something big for Abhi.

At Baadi,
Ragini took the dried clothes from terrace to her house. Just then she heard two people taunting her that ‘she has no luck in her married life. She was mostly alone than with her husband. She was the most unlucky girl in this world. It was good that she was alone, because whenever she was with someone, they would lose happiness in their life. She has no luck to make herself or others happy in their life.’ They also said that ‘her husband doesn’t like her due to her bad deeds and so he left her.’
Ragini’s eyes were filled with tears and ran into her house and thrown the clothes on sofa and ran inside her bedroom and locked herself.
She lied on the bed and cried loudly thinking about their word. She then remembered each and every word of them and related it with her past. It had perfectly matched so she was completely broken and could not control her tears thinking Laksh had left her because of her bad deeds.

Sharmistha heard Ragini’s cries and informed it to Shekhar and both of them knocked the door. But she didn’t opened her doors and kept on crying and just then Swara and Sanskar came there and saw Shekhar and Sharmistha tensely knocking at Ragini’s door. She was now 7 months pregnant and she went towards them and asked the matter. They said that Ragini was crying badly and now Swasan were tensed and knocked the door. Ragini heard Swara’s voice and her mind was full of memories of her bad deeds to Swara and shouted.

Ragini: Swara. Please go away from here. I am paying for the sins which I have committed for u. Please at least u be happy in ur life. Please go away from me Swara. Please.
Swara: What the hell r u talking Ragini? Why r u going to the past? Why r u saying like this? How can I go away from u? I am ur sister. How can I leave my sister in this condition? Please Ragini open the door. Don’t fear me Ragini and I am already terrified. Please Ragini open the door. Please. (Saying this she started to cry)
Sanskar: Please Swara. Don’t cry, it will affect the baby.

Swara: How can I stop crying, when my sister was in this condition Sanskar?
Ragini: Did u noticed Swara I can only give sufferings and pain to others. I can only make everyone cry who ever loves me. See now also I am making everyone crying. What a creature am I? Why I am like this god? Why have u created such a devil to this beautiful family. Because of me everyone was crying, because of me everyone was living without peace and happiness. Swara understand that when my loved one was away from me then they could be so happy in their life. So Swara go far away from me and be happy. I don’t want to make anyone cry any more. Please Sanskar at least u explain it to her.
Ragini’s voice was completely broken and she was like a lifeless body and at the same time Abhi feels uneasy at his house, he felt like his heart was heavy. He was very restless and his heart said that something was wrong with Ragini. He doesn’t know what to do. He then walked froth and back in his room. He then looked at the car keys and took it and left the home without informing to Mansi and Mishka. Mansi noticed this and informed it to Nikhil who asks her to wait for a right time.

At Ragini’s room,
Swara: What r u talking Ragini? How can u think like this? U r the one who could give complete happiness to all, without Ragini ‘Swaragini’ was incomplete; without Ragini everyone’s happiness was incomplete; without Ragini ‘Raglak’ was incomplete; without ur love Laksh was incomplete. Swara was about to say something just then Ragini.
Ragini: What did u say Swara? Without my love Laksh was incomplete? No, not at all Swara; he was very happy in his life without me. He just wants his life to be filled with happiness like u Swara and not with sadness like me Ragini. He doesn’t want me in his life from the beginning. He tried to love me because I had helped his family but he couldn’t; because he never wanted me, so only he had left from my life. Why u r all trying to pacify me? I told u naa I am unlucky for everyone who loves. Please all of them go away from here.

Sharmistha: Beta. What r u talking? I am ur maa, how can I leave u in this condition. We r all a family. When anyone of our family was in worry then others should be with them. That is what we r doing. Please Ragini. Open the door.
Saying she broken down and everyone shouting from outside to open the door. Ragini became irritated and angry so she shouted

Ragini: Everyone stop shouting. Why u all not understanding me? Ok. If u don’t go away from means what, I will go far away from u all.
Everyone was shocked hearing it. Ragini took a stool and a cloth and started to tie it on the fan. Swara asked Sanskar to open the door before Ragini could anything to herself. So Sanskar and Shekhar tried to break the door. Just then a car came before Baadi and came out from the car and looking at the entrance tensely. When he entered no one had noticed him and were busy in breaking Ragini’s door. Abhi was completely shocked and doesn’t know what had happened.

What will happen next? Will Abhi reveal his truth to save Ragini? Wait for only one shot to know the twist.
Thank u.

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