Raglak she is my wife [shot 3]

Sorry for the late update. Here is ur next shot…

At Baadi, about 5 am,
Ragini was in the terrace watering the plants. She was in a night dress with her hairs free. It was a pleasant morning and the wind was so calm and the birds were chirping and flying and Ragini liked that atmosphere.
Abhi was at his house and on the terrace watching Ragini lovingly (Actually he could watch Ragini clearly on terrace as his house was quite near to her house and he would always watching her there.) She senses that someone was noticing her. She turns to see but just then bend down to escape from her eyes. She could not see anyone. So she was about to go, suddenly her hair falls on her face due to the wind. She tried to put it back but her hands were full of flowers which she had plucked. Finally she left it and went down. Abhi watched it secretly and smiled thinking something.

Ragini was making paratha and her hair was left open. Just then her hair falls on her face and tried to move it but her hands were full of flour. She tried to blow but it moved to her face. Laksh was watching at entrance and laughing at her. Ragini became angry and she blows her hair angrily. But Laksh was laughing even more. So Ragini was irritated and was about to move her hair by hair itself just then Laksh moved her hair from behind and took a small clip from his pocket and tied her hairs. Ragini turned and smiled.
Ragini: From when u r having my clips in ur pocket?
Laksh: From when my wife has become mad in dressing herself for a work.
Ragini glared at him and said: very funny.
Laksh: No beautiful; ur looking so beautiful today.
Ragini shyly smiled but just then.
Laksh: But something is missing on ur face. Turn right side (she too turned). Turn left side (she too turned). Now look at me. (she looked at him). Here is something (pointing his nose by watching it she kept her hand on the nose and rubbed it.)
Ragini: Now ok?

Laksh burst out in laughter and said: perfect!
Ragini was confused and looked herself in a shining plate. She saw her nose with flour. She then looked at her hands then at Laksh who was continuously laughing. She then took a hand full of flour and rubbed it on his face. Now Laksh was shocked and looked at Ragini who started to laugh like him. He then took that flour plate and kept it near his mouth and was about to blow just then Ragini noticed it and said.
Ragini: Laksh no! U have laughed at me so I have laughed at u. So please no. No Laksh. Saying this she ran from there but Laksh followed her shouting ‘Stop Ragini’.

Flash back ends
Abhi smiled and then he went downstairs. He saw Mishka and asked her to get ready and he would drop her to school. But Mishka said she got her new friend Arun who was also coming through bus so she would go through bus. Abhi smiled and said ok. Then he went to get ready for office. Mansi was noticing this and informed it to Nikhil.

What is Mansi and Nikhil’s plan? When will Laksh and Ragini meet? Wait for few more shots. Sorry for a small update.
Thank u.

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