Raglak she is my wife [shot 2]

Sorry guys for that bore shot. Here is ur next shot…

At classroom,
Ragini entered the classroom and all the children was seeing her for the first time. So they thought her as a parent. So a boy came to her and said,
Boy: What r u doing in Arun’s class?
Ragini smiled and asked: Who is that Arun?
Boy: Don’t u know Arun, the don of the class? It’s me.
Ragini laughed at him. But he glared at her. So she controlled her laugh and said
Ragini: So will u talk to ur teacher like this?
Arun trembled and asked: R u our new teacher? Everyone was listening to their convocation and they stood up.
Ragini: Hello! Good morning to everyone. I am ur new maths teacher. I am going to teach u how to play with maths, ok?
All the children liked her small speech and smiled at her. Then Ragini turned toward Arun who was in terrible shock and fear that she would punish her. But Ragini bend to him and said
Ragini: As u r the first one to talk with me and comforted me in this new class, u r my best friend. Ok? Saying this she smiled and extended her hand for shake. Arun, who was happy that she was so friendly unlike other teachers, liked her and shook her hand with her. Then Ragini started the class and talked very friendly with them and all the children liked her because at first day itself she was behaving so well with them except for a girl, who wants her to be some other teacher so that she could also enjoy with others. Because she didn’t like maths and every maths teacher does not like her. She was Mishka.

Ragini found that she was very silent and upset too. So she went near to her.
Ragini: Sweetie. What is ur name?
Mishka in slight fear: My name is Mishka.
Ragini remembered the morning incident and her father saying about her.
Ragini: So u r Mishka. And u r weak in maths, right?
Mishka was shocked and thought other teachers would have told about her. Mishka nodded in yes. Ragini smiled and gave a side hug to her.
Ragini: Don’t worry Mishu. I will make everything alright ok?
Mishka was quite shocked and felt comfortable and said
Mishka: How does u know my pet name? Only my papa will call me ‘Mishu’.
Just then Arun
Arun: O come on Mishka, anyone can know about u because u r the great zero star in our school.
Mishka felt bad on his teasing and Ragini felt something wrong and said
Ragini: Bubbly, will hurt someone like this? Is this the character of this don? No I don’t like such type of don. So I am going to end ur friendship.
Arun who was shocked: No Ragu teacher. Please don’t say like that. What can I do to get back ur friendship?
Ragini: U want to be friendly with everyone especially with Mishka and no more don of the class. Ok?
Arun with his puppy face came near to Ragini: No Ragu teacher. I am not a don. I am best friend of Mishka, right Mishka? He then winked at her. Mishka smiled at him. Then they both have a hi-fi as a starting point of their friendship. Now Mishka liked Ragini very much.

At evening,
The students came out of the school and Mishka along with Ragini and Arun came out of the gate. Abhi saw this and felt happy because he was seeing Ragini’s with much glow after a long time. Just then Mishka saw him and called papa. Ragini was about to turn to him, Arun held her hand and dragged her to his mother. Abhi turned to check whether Ragini was looking at him, but she was talking to Arun’s mom turning his back towards him. He lost himself looked at Ragini lovingly and Mishka came to him and said, ‘papa, shall we leave?’
Then Abhi took her to a ice cream parlor and asked Mishka about her new teacher and she told him about the classroom incident to him. Abhi was remembering something.

At Maheshwari Mansion
Ragini: Laksh! What is this? (Looking at the messed room)
Laksh: Sorry Ragini. I am just searching for a file in cupboard and found it. Please clean this mess and I am busy now. (Saying this he ran outside of the room because he knows that if he stands there for another one minute then every thing will be thrown on him by Ragini)
Ragini: Always behaving like a child. If I had a child like him then (She was about to say something. Just then)
Laksh hugged her from back and said: Aww mera bachha! Why r u worrying for a baby like me? If ur ready, then I am too ready Ragini. Shall I start my work?
Ragini blushed hearing this and faked anger on her face and said
Ragini: Laksh, go! It’s already late for the meeting and I am very angry on u.
Laksh in the same position whispered: When I just start my work ur angriness will be on my feet Ragini, right?
Ragini threw something on him and Laksh said: Wait for me Ragini. I will be soon. He ran from there.
Flashback ends

Mishka jerks Abhi and asked: What happened papa? Why r u smiling like this?
Abhi came back to reality and said: Nothing Mishu, shall we go?
Mishka: Ok papa.
Then they both reached their house.

At Baadi,
Ragini was in confusion thinking about morning incident because her heart feels that it was Laksh. But her mind says that Laksh has gone somewhere far away from her and says if it was Laksh, then why he didn’t speak anything and even didn’t tell ur name. Finally her mind had won and she said to herself, ‘He was not my Laksh’
At Mishka’s room,
Mishka was sleeping and Abhi came near the window and saw the moon with teary eyes.

Abhi’s POV,
I know Ragini ur waiting for me. I saw ur pain, worry, sorrow and ur love on ur eyes. I definitely know that ur heart would recognize me. But ur mind had changed ur heart. Please Ragini wait for some more days. Definitely I will be back to u as ur ‘Laksh’ and will make u as ‘Ragini Laksh Maheshwari’. Then he wiped off his tears and slept with Mishka.
At Mansi’s room,
Someone came through the window in her room and she asked ‘why r u so late Nikhil? I am waiting for u such a long time. Ok tell me what is ur next plan and next move’. Nikhil said something and Mansi smiled at him saying ‘good idea. So it’s time to close the chapter of Abhi no, no Laksh Maheshwari’. Saying this they both smirked.

What happens next? How will Raglak meet? Will Mansi and Nikhil success in their plan?
Please post ur comments. Please inform me if it was boring. Thank u. Have a good start in new month.

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