Raglak she is my wife [shot 19]

Thank u for the lovely comments and sorry for the late update. Here is the next shot…
Laksh came to Baadi ignoring everyone’s advice to stay in hospital. But he was so adamant to see Ragini. Every one decided to talk to Ragini.

At Baadi,
Shekhar made Ragini to come to Gaddodia’s house for a while. She was standing in a corner with her arms folded on her chest. She was not facing anyone and she was having a straight face. Everyone was on the hall, looking at Ragini. They at first tried to make her speak. But their attempt was utter failure.

Then at last Swara started to speak, she started with Swaragini and goes on with some emotional track of their sister moments, to make her talk. But Ragini remains unaffected. Sharmistha next started to speak after Swara. She was talking very politely and saying some things which would make her to think positive and think past. But Ragini remains unaffected. Next AP joined Sharmistha and talked to her like a dear mom, but Ragini remains unaffected. Next DP joined and said about her good deeds and her efforts to unite family and some advices but Ragini remains unaffected. Sanskar goes near Ragini and touched her shoulder and gave her a brotherly speech. But Ragini remains unaffected. Sujatha becomes irritated and started to speak about her dark past and taunts her. But RAGINI REMAINS UNAFFECTED.
All the while, Laksh was looking at his ANGRY BIRD. He can say that she wants to go outside, but she couldn’t. He can feel that she was feeling suffocated. He can feel that she was very angry that if someone says any word more, she would burst out. At that time he hears Sujatha’s taunts. He became angry and glared at her. He in a very dangerous tone says, ‘STOP IT CHACHI’. Ragini lightly raised her eyebrow as though she was waiting to hear this voice for long time. Sujatha stopped.
Laksh stepped forwarded and said: Please u all stop this. She was doing this only because of me. She was angry because of me. She was frustrated because of me. She was ignoring u all because of me. So I am only responsible for her state. So don’t dare to accuse her. So I am the one who should talk with her and ask for forgiveness. I know I won’t get that much easily. But still please u all don’t interfere. Please. It’s my request.

Saying this he folded his hand in front of everyone. So they left Ragini and Maheshwari family started to move out to go to their house. Everyone went out and Ragini came at last followed by Laksh. Unexpected by everyone she goes to dida’s house and locked the door. Everyone was shocked, because they didn’t expect Ragini to stay away from Laksh i.e. to stay in Baadi. Laksh was more shocked than everyone. {Note guys: Mishka was legally adopted by Laksh after Mansi’s arrest, so she was with Maheshwari family.} Laksh became angry and went to dida’s house and knocked the door. But Ragini didn’t open the door. But Laksh was so adamant that he continuously knocked the door. Irritated Ragini opened the door and glared at Laksh, who glared back at her. But his glare was unaffected!
Laksh {after his separation from Ragini, this is the first time; he stands before Ragini as Laksh and going to talk with her.}: RAGINI! Come to our house.

But Ragini didn’t say anything. She was looking somewhere. Again Laksh: Ragini! Come to our house.
Ragini stood there as statue. This made Laksh irritated and hurt too. Laksh in quite angry and irritated tone: RAGINI! COME TO OUR HOUSE.
But Ragini is Ragini who does not change her decision so easily. She just stood like that which made Laksh’s heart feel a deep pain and Laksh’s brain a frustrated mood and Laksh’s eyes a load of tears. Now Laksh in a pleading tone: Ragini, please! Come back! Come back to our house. Come back to my life. Come back as my wife. Come back as our house’s daughter in law. Come back as my Ragini. Come back as my child’s mother. Come back please!
Only this affected Ragini but in angry way. She was now very much frustrated and started to yell at Laksh.
Ragini {after her separation from Laksh, it is the first time she is going to talk to Laksh as herself.}: LAKSH! Just stop it! Where r u asking me to come? To that house sorry, UR HOUSE? Why should I come? Why should I come back to ur LIFE? Why should I come back as UR WIFE? Why should I come back as UR HOUSE DAUGHTER IN LAW? Why should I come back as UR RAGINI? Why should I come back as… MY CHILD’S MOTHER?
Laksh was shocked as she said ‘MY CHILD’ not ‘HIS CHILD’ or ‘OUR CHILD’. His heart was break down into pieces. But still he was in the responsibility to tolerate his wife’s anger.
Laksh in a broken voice: Ragini! I know I have done wrong. Punish me because I deserve it. But please don’t ignore me. Please don’t stay away from me. I suffered a lot because of our separation. I know I am at fault but
Ragini interrupted: Please! Stop this drama! I want to take rest. I need some rest and peace. I need to take care of MY child. Only I am there for him. He doesn’t have anyone except me. Please at least let me to do my responsibilities well unlike u. So now get out!
Laksh was frozen at that place and all others were shocked to this side of Ragini. Ragini was about to close the door but Mishka came.
Mishka {she was hesitating at first to how to talk with Ragini as she had hurt Ragini. But now she had come forward to help Laksh.}: Ragu tea… (She was about to say teacher but she stopped and said), Ragu maa! {Ragini was surprised, shocked and happy to hear that word that too from Mishka.} Ragu maa, every confusions and problems were raised because of me. Only for me papa had done everything. Please Ragu maa, forgive him and punish me. Please Ragu maa come with us.

Ragini let out breathe and bend down to Mishka and cupped her face. Ragini: No Mishu! U didn’t do anything, u r an innocent soul. I am not angry or frustrated or hurt by u. I am angry because ‘some were thinking themselves as great and doing something great things to other persons only’. I am not at all angry with u so please now smile.
Mishka interrupted: Then come with us Ragu maa. Please I want u and papa be always happy. I am only
Ragini interrupted: Mishu beta! I am really very tired. So I need some rest. So u goes to house and get relaxed there. Go now! Go! Bye!
Saying this without waiting for any reply closed the door on Laksh’s face. Mishka and Laksh were standing there with teary eyes. After a while, Ragini heard everyone going to Maheshwari Mansion. She let out a sigh of relief. Then she felt heavy air blowing outside, so she decides to take the dry clothes from terrace. She opened the door and was shocked to see Laksh sitting on the corridor before dida’s house.
Ragini: What r u doing? Why r u sitting here? What did u want?
Laksh without looking at her: I need u to come to OUR house. I need u to come back to OUR normal life. And I need many more things. But at first I want u come to OUR HOUSE.
Ragini become irritated: If u r not leaving now, I will call police and complain against u that u r trying to disturb me.
Laksh smiled sarcastically: U want to call, then do it with my mobile. If u want I myself will complain against me. If u want I myself will surrender to police that I am trying to rape u (Ragini’s eyes widens in shock. Now she knows about Laksh adamant character. So she just went inside and slammed the door on his face. Laksh was doing non violence satyagraha before Ragini’s house.)
Will Laksh be able to bring Ragini back to his house then to his life? Will he be able to control the ANGRY BIRD? Will Ragini forgive Laksh so easily? Will Laksh be able to convince Ragini?
Do u like guys this anger, ignorance and frustration of Ragini? Shall I continue this anger drama or start Laksh’s way to convince Ragini? I am extremely sorry for the late update. But I promise that I will post my ff whenever I am free. Please post ur comments. Bye! Take care!

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    Finally updated thank you so much dear I love that ignorance and pleaded lakshya

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    Awesome dear…ragu is correct at her place..raglak this phase is nice..she suffered lot without him..!!! Laksh must try lot to convince his angry bird…!!! Waiting for next part hari

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    Ragus anger is justified… laksh deserve it..awesome update dear……

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    awesome dear….loved it alot dear….whn laksh ask her come to our house that time I like her attitude…i vll call police that scene superbbb dear….non violence satyagraham…i love ragu angry and laksh pleading…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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  15. Ragu’s anger and ignorance is justified.. Lakshya should continue his non violence satyagraha nd Ragini should continue her non cooperation moment..

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