Raglak she is my wife [shot 14]

I am really very happy for ur comments guys! I have got 33 comments for the first time! All were asking to give more punishment to Laksh. Some were asking me to untie Raglak soon. Some were asking me to not unite Raglak now! Ok let’s see what my brain says! So here is the next shot…
Ragini [inside dida’s house] (in mind): How dare was he? Why he was irritating me like this? Why can’t he just go away like he had gone away from me for 4 months? What was he thinking in his mind? He will be suddenly disappearing somewhere and will say that he was not Laksh then one day he will come saying that he was Laksh and Ragini’s Laksh that this! If he says like that then I like Swara as a very big Mahan, will forgive him? No I will not! I am a human! I have a heart and it has feelings. I am not such a Mahan that would forgive a person who tries to give wrong promises on my child. I can accept any bad things but I won’t allow those bad things for my child. For a kind info that I am Ragini not Swara! If I took a decision then I won’t come backward from it.
Laksh [outside dida’s house] (in mind): Of course u r Ragini! But don’t forget that I am Laksh that too Ragini’s Laksh. Even I will do not come backward from my decision. Yes I have done wrong! I should have informed Ragini about my sudden disappearance at first. But I couldn’t because of that Mansi. Yes I should not have done like that! I shouldn’t have tried to promise on my child. But to save a child I took a wrong decision. It was all because of my impulsiveness. I am now ready to get any punishment from Ragini.
Now consider Meri Aashiqui tum se hi bg sad version! It will perfectly match to the situation.
Ragini (in mind): Punishment! Just a punishment can heal the pain undergone by me and my child.
Laksh (in mind): Yes! A punishment can’t heal a pain. But at least it can decrease ur anger.
Ragini (in mind): Anger!! I am not angry at all. I am frustrated that too very much. The pain, the hurt, the frustration cannot be healed so easily Laksh. Just go away. Just. Go. Away!
Laksh (in mind): Yes I know ur pain, hurt, frustration cannot be easily healed. But still I won’t give up easily Ragini because I love u so much Ragini. I know u have suffered a lot because of me. From the day we met till now, u r suffering because of me. I am a fool, stupid, idiot, duffer Ragini. I can’t even take care of my most precious thing. But Ragini this time I am not going to give a fake promise. I, Laksh Maheshwari will always be supporting, caring and loving his lovely wife, Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. I promise that I, Laksh Maheshwari will be taking care and supporting his lovely champ. This is a promise.
After sometime, Ragini heard the thunder sound and rain drop sound. Outside it was raining heavily, Ragini thought that he would have gone or else standing below any roof. With that thought she had slept. Next morning she heard talking sound in front of her house. She opened a window and peeped outside was shocked to see Laksh drenched in rain and Mishka was speaking something to him while Uttara was checking the health condition of Laksh and Sharmistha and Shekhar were pity on Laksh’s condition. She immediately took a towel and ran outside.
Laksh looked up to see Ragini with a towel in her hands. He got a smile in his tired face. Ragini noticed his smile and returned to her anger mode. She gave towel to Uttara and asked her to dry his hairs. Laksh was hurt and became hurt but still he composed himself. Ragini was about to go but someone held her hand. She turned to see, it was Mishka.
Mishka (She had tears in her already swollen eyes): Ragu maa! Please come to our house, at least for me. I can’t live there without u and papa. Please Ragu maa, everyone were upset and sad without u. Papa was also not well now, if he stays another one night, then he will get fever and admitted in hospital. Please Ragu maa. (Ragini turned her face not accepting Mishka’s words.)
Mishka left her hand and sat beside Laksh and said: Papa, I also help u in reuniting u and Ragu maa. (Laksh got happy and smiled at her). So papa, let’s sit here and continue our Satyagraha. (Raglak were shocked to hear it.)

Laksh: No Mishu! U should go to house and get ready and go to school. U can’t sit like this whole day. Even if u can sit now, u can’t at night. Just now u got recovered from fever. I can’t allow u get fever again. Go to house, NOW.
Mishka: Yes papa! I will go to house then to school only when u and Ragu maa come along with me. Or else I won’t go from here.
Ragini: No Mishka! Listen to me, go to house. Come on get up.
Mishka: No Ragu maa. I won’t go unless u both comes with me. That’s final.
Raglak tried to convince Mishka, but she was sitting there stubbornly. At first Ragini was a teacher for Mishka, but now she was her mother, she has to take all her responsibilities as a mother to her child. So Ragini decide to give up.
Ragini: I am coming! (Laksh’s become like a 1000 V bulb, he smiled brightly and at the same time became very happy. Ragini looked straight to his face and said) I am coming there only for Mishka. (The glowing Laksh’s face becomes lightly dull. Ragini noticed it and still looking into his eyes and continued) I am coming there only as a mother of Mishka. (The dullness started to occupy Laksh’s face. Ragini turning to Mishka) I am coming. Ask ur papa to get ready. Are u happy now?
Mishka with a small smile nodded. Laksh even though was hurt; he smiled softly as Ragini going to come with him. Then he got ready and Ragini too in her anarkali with no mangalsutra and sindoor. Laksh frowned to look Ragini like that.
Laksh: Ragini! What is this? Why r u not wearing ur saree and where is ur mangalsutra and sindoor? Take it and come, I will make u wear. (He realized that she was still angry on him. So) Ok at least u wear it and come. U looks incomplete without them.

Ragini glared at Laksh and shouted at him: Why? Why should I? What is the purpose of wearing it? I said naa I am coming there only for Mishka and not for anyone. Did u hear it? Not. For. Anyone. (Ragini became silent and continued with a hurt voice.) I haven’t worn those for many days; at that time also I looked like this. But where have u gone to say me that u looks incomplete without them? At that time where have u gone without adoring me mangalsutra and filling my maang?
Laksh became more hurt and his eyes were teary. He opened his mouth and with a breaking down voice in a whisper: Ragini!
Ragini showed her hand to stop him and said: I am leaving.
With that she took Mishka’s hand and left to the car. Laksh’s tears shed down uncontrollably. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and looked at the way Ragini was going. He took blessings from Sharmistha and Shekhar and went to the car and started to drive to Maheshwari Mansion.
Uttara already had informed everyone that Ragini is coming. AP, Sujatha and Swara decorated it like a palace for Ragini’s reentry. They were waiting outside with arthi plate. Laksh came there and Ragini along with Mishka stepped down from the car. Ragini looked at the house with a hurt, pain in her eyes. Her eyes became teary but she composed herself and with a straight face moved to the main door. Laksh followed Ragini and Mishka along with Uttara. Ragini stopped walking looking at the decorations and AP, DP, RP, Sujatha, Swara and Sanskar. AP came forward and was about to take arthi, Ragini stopped her by holding her hand.

Ragini: No maa! I am not here as ur bahu! I am here only as Mishka’s mother and that’s all. I am not ready to accept everyone. I need some time to get mingled with everyone like before. Till then please don’t expect me to be as ur daughter in law.
AP smiled with tears in her eyes and caressed her face and said: U r always my daughter and no one can change it. I can feel ur pain Ragini. U need some time for healing of ur wounds. We will wait till then. Now come inside beta!
Ragini became emotional looking at AP but still doesn’t show it outside and went inside Maheshwari Mansion. Laksh who was watching this with hurt heart and worried face thought ‘U can say anything Ragini. But truth can’t be changed. U r always my wife, Ragini! U doesn’t wear mangalsutra and sindoor; It doesn’t mean that u r not my wife. It was shown that u r mine and I am urs only by our unborn child. He is the symbol of our love. As his promise he had taken care of u. Now as my promise I will take care of u and our champ and support u both until I breathe. It’s a promise by Laksh Maheshwari’. With that thought he came inside and moved towards his room.
Will Ragini’s angry mood change? What will Laksh do to make her normal? Will Ragini and Laksh again become Raglak?
This time I am back little fast naa? That’s because of my two akkas. My dear sisters, are u happy now? So how is the shot? Did u all like it? Guys’ r u bored of this angry mood? Shall we have some little romance? What u says guys?

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  1. Naz_Temish

    Too stubborn she is…But right in her part…waiting to know how the story unfolds ??

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    Awesome hari….feeling bad for laksh.. Bt the same time.. He deserves this na..!!! Ragu is hurt.. It takes some time to overcome the pain.. But our laksh know how to heal her wounds..Give raglak romance dear..evalo ckrm ah post panita.. ? waiting for next part dear.. Post it soon ?

  4. Amul

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      glad to meet u! 😀 🙂

  9. Today’s episode was awesome but pls unite raglak soon

  10. Awesome episode and loved it. Please unite Raglak soon. Waiting for more Raglak scenes. Please post next part ASAP ????


  12. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot….raglak conversation in their mind superbbb dear….loved it alot…Both r stubborn….i like thz angry part but want little cute romance…eagerly waiting for nxt one…
    nenga tamil la….happy to see u….tkcr dear…

    1. Harinipriya

      amam, neenga? I am from chennai, u?

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