Raglak she is my wife [shot 12]

Hey guys. Sorry for the late update. Thank u guys for the lovely comments. So here is the next shot!
Ragini didn’t even give him a damn look. Laksh was hurt more. But Ragini went inside and stood in a corner inside AP’s room. Laksh just followed her and saw AP lying in the bed. He went near her and held her hands.
Laksh in cracking voice: Maa! Ur Laksh had come. Please open ur eyes and see. See maa, ur Laksh had come, please see maa.
AP listening to his voice opened her eyes and saw Laksh with teary eyes. She whispered: Laksh!
Laksh saw her with a small smile and lots of tear in his eyes: Yes maa, ur Laksh. I am ur Laksh maa.

AP was very happy and so was everyone except Ragini with no reactions in her face. AP hugged him and Laksh too hugged her back. In a corner of eyes he looked Ragini who was watching them emotionlessly. His tears fall down in pain. He broke the hug and everyone asked him why he had acted like someone else. Then as in serial he will say the same flash back and everyone were proud of him as he had sacrificed his life for a small child including Ragini, but soon it was replaced by the anger and became red in anger.

Sharmistha: But Laksh u should not done like that. Ragini suffered a lot. She was not even taking care of herself and always sits in a lone place. If someone tried to talk she just ignores them and walks away. She was changed so much Laksh. I can’t see my Ragu like this.
A drop of tear falls down from her eyes. Ragini was lost in flashback how Laksh rejected her first then kidnapped her then faked love then stopped marriage then insulted her then left her for 4 months then hurt her then about to promise on her champ. She closed her eyes tightly in anger tightens the grip on her fist. She opened her eyes it was blood shot, her face was red in anger, while all the time Laksh was watching.

He joined his hands before everyone and said ‘Sorry’. Words were not coming out from his mouth. He can utter only ‘Sorry’. In that sorry his pain his worries his hurt were expressed to everyone. {U guys know naa all the family members were very good so they immediately forgave him but how could Ragini?}

Everyone except his Ragini forgave him. But he just wants only her forgiveness not others. And he too knows that it was not that much easy to get her forgiveness. He hugged everyone one by one. At last he came near Ragini. He looked at her painfully. But she was not looking at him. He couldn’t take that, he was about to say ‘Ragini’ with all his love, a phone came and as in serial Mansi called him, and Laksh said that he had told truth to the family. So Mansi thought to end the chapter of Laksh. She asked him to come fast by giving reason as Mishka’s health. Laksh said ok and said everyone that he needs to go. Everyone nods in yes and he was about to go he painfully looks at Ragini. But now Ragini saw him with all hatred and disgusted, she crossed him and went to dida’s house and shut the door loudly. Laksh was much hurt that he may break at any time. He goes from there to Mansi’s house.

After ending Laksh’s call, Mansi called Nikhil and asked him to kill Laksh. Mishka who was passing heard it and shocked. She immediately hides behind a pillar and heard her conversation. She was shocked and found all the truth about Mansi. After cutting Nikhil’s call, Mansi went outside and found Laksh standing there. She drags him to the car and says some excuses (like in serial). They both went from there. Here Mishka come out and runs to Arun’s house. (Because she don’t know Ragini’s house) and informed him about her mother’s evil intensions. Arun immediately called Ragini and informed about Mansi. Ragini was shocked and ran outside to save her husband.
Sanskar saw this and asked her where she was going. Ragini explains to him everything. Everyone was tensed for Laksh’s condition. They tried to call him, but it was not reachable. Sanskar called some agency and asked them to trace Laksh’s number. After few minutes they got information and Ragini and Sanskar goes in a car to save him. On the other side Mansi was directing him towards an abandoned road. Swara went to Arun’s house and asked Mishka details about Mansi and Nikhil. Swara then slowly made her convince that Laksh is not Abhi her father. Mishka hugged Swara and cried. Later she took her to Baadi.

At an abandoned road,
Mansi asked Laksh to get off the car. He too does that with confusion. At that time some goons along with Nikhil came and they attacked Laksh. Laksh at first tried to protest but Nikhil hit him on his head and Laksh fall down with lots of blood. He was slowly losing consciousness at that time he heard Mansi and Nikhil saying how they killed real Abhi and cheated him. Laksh became angry but he could not do anything. At that he heard some vehicle sound along with siren sound. Then he became unconsciousness.

Of course it was Ragini and Sanskar along with police. Seeing Laksh Ragini ran to him. Mansi and Nikhil tried to run away but were caught and arrested by police. Ragini took Laksh’s head on her lap and patted on his cheeks to make him conscious.
Ragini in breaking down voice: Laksh! Open ur eyes Laksh. Look at me! Laksh look at me please.
Sanskar was shouting: Come on Laksh stand up. Open ur eyes. Nothing happens to u. I won’t let anything happen to u. come on stand up. (At that time he saw Laksh’s head bleeding) (Turning to Ragini) Ragini, we need to take him to the hospital.

Ragini nodded and admitted him in the hospital. Now Ragini’s anger is lost. Her heart and mind were repeating that ‘Laksh should be saved. Nothing should happen to him’. Everyone was praying for Laksh including Ragini. At that time doctor came and said

Doctor: No need to worry. He is alright now. It’s just a small wound. He will be back to conscious in 30 minutes. U can visit him after shifting him to normal ward.
Everyone signed in relief. Ragini thanked the god. Suddenly something strikes in her brain, her anger. Her face turns red in anger. Her breathe was like a beast. At that time Laksh was taken out to shift him to normal ward. Ragini looked at him with disgust and went from there without informing anyone. No one noticed her and lost in Laksh’s thoughts. Ragini went to dida’s house and closed the door. There is no tears and pain in her eyes. Only anger, frustration, disgust was there.

At hospital,
Laksh gained conscious whispering ‘Ragini! Ragini’! A nurse looked at him and informed everyone about it. Everyone rushed in and asked him if he is fine. He just nodded and faked a smile. His eyes was continuously searching for his love his life his RAGINI. But she was not there. He asked about her to everyone at that time everyone looked for Ragini.

So Shekhar called her and Ragini attended the call. He asked her where she was. She said at Baadi. He was about to ask something, but Laksh interrupted: Papa please give me the phone I need to talk to her. (Ragini heard it and immediately cut the call and threw her phone on bed and went to do some work) Laksh took the phone and continuously said: Hello! Hello! Ragini! Ragini! Please say something. Ragini can u hear me? (Saying this he looked at the phone and found her call was cut). His wounds in his heart were paining as though someone is putting salt in his wounds. His wound was becoming fresh because of Ragini’s ignorance. He knows that he deserves punishment but he couldn’t take her ignorance and hatred. His tears were falling down and everyone decided to talk with Ragini.

So now, how is this shot? Did u all like it? This ignorance is just starting and Laksh has to face more and more. R u guys ready to read it? Please post ur comments and views. Keep smiling and take care. Bye!

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