RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 9)


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Rags: but Bhabhi I cannot live without his love I need him
Sid: Rags my angel don’t worry me a Roshini will always be with you people whatever happens

SanLak, Swaragini were just so shocked to hear this from RoshSid, but happy………

Rags: Bhai are your serious I thought you will also tell us to break our relation…?
Sid: why would I do that? Why would I want to heart my sisters huh? That’s all you thought about me? That I will not accept this relationship?
Rags: Sorry Bhai I never wanted to hurt you by saying that I just thought you will support Papa and obey his words that’s why (she hugs him tightly)
Sid: (hugging her Back) Look Ragini my happiness is in my sister’s happiness I would never go against her or would want her to be broken
Roshini: Sid is right here there is no day that he never stops talking about you both he loves you to the core. His just not you Bhai but he is you second papa he loves you that much… so do I you both are my first children I never gave birth to (she hugs both Swaragini)
Swara: Roshini Bhabhi, Bhai I want to tell you guys something
Sid: what Swara?
Swara: me and …….
Roshini: you and who?
Swara: Me and S…S
Sanskar: and me are in a relationship
Sid: (Shocked) REALLY? WHEN? HOW?
Roshini: Calm down Sid… when did this all happen
Swara: Sanskar proposed to me in the beginning of this week…
Sid: I’m just getting shocks what next? Ragini is pregnant?
Roshini: Siddharth!!!! What are you saying??? Is it appropriate
Sid: then what do you expect me to say all we’re hearing here is shocking news
(RagLak looks on)
Swara: well they got…. (Ragini signals her not to tell them about what happen) well I mean…
Sid: tell me the truth otherwise I will not talk to you both. I will leave now without even staying we were planning to stay here for a few months.
Rags: well Bhayia me and
Roshini: and?
Sid: let me say you and Laksh?
Rags: yes, me and Laksh actually we
Sid: Ragini stop just be straight forward
Lucky: Let me tell him, me and Ragini got intimate

(RoshSid were shocked)

RoshSid: what the hell??? Are you being serious?
Sid: (Slapped Ragini) what were you thinking?
Rags: we thought if I get pregnant our families will let us get married and they will reunite
Roshini: did you think what if you do get pregnant and our families don’t accept it
Swara: oh yes di we didn’t think about that
Rags: (Looks at Laksh)
Laksh: (looks at Ragini)
Sid: why are you both quite? Ragini come here
(he hugs her) I’m sorry that I slapped you for the first time ever
Rags: I know that I hurt you I’m sorry Bhayia
Sid: (kisses her on the forehead) don’t worry whatever happens I’m with you
Roshini: okay Sid let go home let’s give ma and pa a surprise
Sid: (nods yes) you come home as soon as possible we need to make plans okay?
(Ragini nods yes) Swara come with me and you Bhabhi we need to surprise ma and Papa

Swara waves bye to Sanskar he waves back and they look on…

As Swara left Sanskar went home as well, leaving Lucky and Rags alone…

Rags: (hugs him) I think we should have not rush anything
Lucky: yes, I’m sorry
Rags: at least I gave you pleasure
Lucky: I just don’t love you because you give me pleasure… because of your heart, your kindness, and because you care for everyone…
Rags: (hugs him tightly)
Lucky: (Hugs her back) I love you so much
Rags: I love you too Laksh
He hisses her all of a sudden, she widens her eyes but then the kiss turns out to be a passionate one.

Lucky: I can’t wait for our child to be in your belly
Rags: (gets shy and bends her head down) me too it will be the symbol of our love.
Ragini’s phone beeps it was Sid’s message telling her to come home…
Rags: Lucky its Bhayia he told me to come home
Lucky: okay fine we’ll go home but before we go give me a kiss
Rags: (shyly) no we already kissed I need to go
As she turns and walks, he holds her hand and puts his hand on her waist and pulls her towards him and stats kissing her passionately……

To be continued……

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