RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 8)


Thank you guys for the positive comments and sorry for yesterday’s very short update! Guys, I am happy that you are liking my ff and please keep commenting

Another note guys I am adding new characters to the ff…

****New characters****
Siddharth Khurana (from Jamai raja) – cousin brother of Swaragini
Roshini Khurana (from Jamai raja) – Siddharth’s wife sister in law of Swaragini
Adarsh Ram Prasad Maheshwari – cousin brother of SanLak
Parineeti Ardhash Maheshwari – Adarsh’s wife sister in law of SanLak

Swaragini were waiting for SanLak at the park……

Swara: how long are they going to take di
Ragini: I don’t know
(suddenly someone puts their hand around their eyes)

Swaragini they both got shocked as they didn’t know who was doing that…

Rags: Laksh is it you?
Voice: no
Swara: Sanskar stop playing around
Voice: seriously do you not know who we are?
Rags: NO!
(they too their hands off both Swaragini, they got shocked and hugged them)
Swaragini BHAI, BHABHI YOU?????????
RoshSid: YES, it is us!!!
Rags: I missed you both so much
Swara: so did I
Roshini: I missed both my angels too
Sid: oh hello she’s lying I missed my two beautiful sister more…
Rags: so how come you’re here all of a sudden
Sid: why can I come to my papa’s house
Rags: no I didn’t mean that (she frowns)
Roshini: Aww Rags come on his only kidding
Sid: (go’s and hugs her) come here my little angel do you know how much I missed your sweet and cute little smile huh?
Rags: (hugs him back) I missed you teasing me too Bhai…
Swara: oh hello I’m here too!!!!!!
Roshini: oh Swara come to me beta (she kisses Swara on her forehead)
Sid: why do you both look dull and who are you waiting for.
Roshini: Siddharth don’t you know their waiting for their boyfriends Lucky and Sanskar…
Sid: ohhhh my babies have grown so much…
Rags: but by me and Lucky had to break our relationship because our family and their family do not talk anymore
(Roshini and Sid and shocked)

Sid: what happen? But papa and Dp uncle where best friends since childhood…
Roshini: yes, what happen?
Rags: Papa and uncle had a misunderstanding because of their business loss
Sid: Oh God so you and Lucky are not in a relationship anymore?
Rags: (hesitatingly) we broke the relationship in front of our families but then Sanskar gave this idea of being in the relationship without out families knowing
Roshini: (shockingly) I didn’t not expect this from you Rags
Sid: yes, Roshini same I didn’t expect this from my favourite sister

Just then SanLak came to them they were shocked

SanLak: Hi bhayia, Hey Bhabhi! (they said it nervously as Sid was going them an angry look)
Sid: Hi guys
Roshini: Hey
Lucky: how are you?
Sanskar: we haven’t seen you in ages
Sid: I’m good thanks and you guys?
Lucky: we’re fine

Roshini: yes, I know right, but this time our families are not together so we can’t meet at any time we want to.
Sid: Lucky is it true that you and rags are still a relationship without our families knowing?
Lucky: (nods yes)
Roshini: I know that you guys love each other so much but do you think it is appropriate without our families knowing
Rags: but Bhabhi I cannot live without his love I need him
Sid: Rags my angel don’t worry me a Roshini will always be with you people whatever happens

SanLak, Swaragini were just so shocked to hear this from RoshSid, but happy………

To be continued……

REALLY SORRY GUYS, because I am introducing new characters there is not SwaSan or RagLak scene today but tomorrow maybe because here are more characters to come.
But deffo I’ll try and add some romantic scenes.

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