RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 7)


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The next day

In the Maheshwari mansion….

Dp was sitting in the hall reading the newspaper…

Sanskar and Laksh comes down running and Dp asks them what is wrong with them and them to calm down they are running like they are going to miss the bus to go somewhere…

Ap: it not even evening you have already started shouting at my sons can’t you let them be happy for a few minutes
Dp: their workless so you want them to be happy?
Ap: So what they can only enjoy at this age
Dp: where does the money come from? Me obviously
Ap: why are you making money for obviously for this family only right, so what’s the problem in them enjoying themselves.
Dp: (rolls his eyes) there you can see you’re the one who spoils my children…

Laksh interrupts tells them not to argue…

Lucky: so what do you want us to do
Sanskar: yes, dad what do you want us to do
Dp: come and join me in our office
Ap: no, my sons will not come
Lucky: mom, we will go
Sanskar: (looking at Laksh) yes mom we will go
Dp: that’s like my good boys.
Ap: (frowns)
Lucky: Ohoo Mom don’t be sad it’s just dads company we’ll get used to it.
Sanskar: Yes, mom his correct we’ll have to learn new things and we have to learn how to be independent as well so don’t worry my cute mom.
Dp: (looks at them very happily)

In the Gadodia Mansion…………………

Swaragini were helping their mom in the kitchen making breakfast ………

Shekar: Swaragini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swaragini: Yes, Papa we’re coming…….
Janki: why do you need them?
Shekar: don’t I have the right to talk to my daughter now?

Swaragini goes to Shekar……

Swara: yes, papa what do you need
Shekar: I need nothing but I need two of my daughters co come to my office and work with me so that you can take care of things there
Ragini: Papa, why did you take such decision
Janki: yes, Shekar why do you want them to go to your office and work with you
Shekar: so that they are capable of taking care of the company after I am gone
Swara: Papa don’t say such thing
Ragini: Papa do not talk like that, we didn’t say that we will not come and work with you, now I have decided me and Swara will come and work with you in your company
Swara: Yes, papa we will come, when do you want us to come with you?
Shekar: you can start coming with me from tomorrow
Ragini: okay papa we will come from tomorrow
Janki: are you sure Swaragini?
Ragini: Yes, mom we are sure we will go with Papa
Swara: yes, di is correct we have to learn new techniques and we have to gain more knowledge.
Shekar: that my good Daughters Papa Loves you so much…… Mwah

At the park……….
Swaragini were waiting for SanLak at the park……

Swara: how long are they going to take di
Ragini: I don’t know
(suddenly someone puts their hand around their eyes)

Swaragini they both got shocked as they didn’t know who was doing that…

To be continued……

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