RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 6)

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Ragini and Laksh gets shock they quickly put their clothes on and opened the door……
Swara asked them why did they take so long to open the door…
they look at each other and stumble to say something…………….

Lucky: noting really we were talking and fell asleep
Rags: yes, we fell asleep
Sanskar: Really? It doesn’t seem like it you guys have sweated a lot (winks at them)
Swara: Sanskar stop teasing them now let’s go home we need to sleep we are already very late
Lucky: Yes, you guys go we’ll go back home too and meet us tomorrow at the park.
Rags: okay see you tomorrow love you (she gives a peck on his lips)
Sanskar: Okay Bhabhi and Lucky enough of your romance lets go
Swara: Ragini why is your hair all messed you (she giggles)
Rags: probably because I feel asleep on the floor
Swara: oh Okay

(Laksh looks at Ragini with all the love he has for her, she gets shy)
Swaragini say bye and goes in to their house and SanLak also went to their house

Swaragini’s room……….

Swara: so what did you and jiju do/talk about?
Rags: how to get our families back together
Swara: so what were you planning to do?
Rags: we were thinking to get intimate and if I get pregnant our families will agree for our marriage ……? What do you think? (she winks at Swara)
Rags: DON’T SHOUT Swara, dad and mom might wake up…
Swara: OKAY, how could think of doing that?
Rags: to get our families back together again
Swara: do you think it will work out?
Rags: Hopefully if does
Swara: so have you got intimate with him then?
Rags: (Ragini doesn’t say anything)
Swara: so you have?
Rags: (Ragini nods YES)
Swara: When did this happen?
Rags: today
Swara: when today? When me and Sanskar left you and jiju alone? In the garage?
Rags: YES
Swara: OMG that’s why your hair was all messed up and you guys made an excuse to hide what happen.
Rags: (Ragini blushes)
Swara: so how was it?
Rags: Oh stop teasing me lets sleep (smacking Swara with her pillow) oh by the way Swara don’t utter a word about this to anyone including Sanskar…
Swara: Why?
Rags: Because I don’t know if Laksh will tell him about it and what if our plan goes wrong…
Swara: Okay I Promise I wouldn’t say a word about what has happen… but I am happy that you trusted me and told me about what happen between with you and jiju (hugs her).

They both sleep…

Shifting to SanLak’s room

Sanskar: so what did you guys do?
Lucky: how to get our families back together again
Sanskar: what were you going to do
Lucky: getting intimate with each other, do you think it’s a good idea?
Sanskar: OMG!!! LAKSH that is the worst idea…
Lucky: why?
Sanskar: do you really think papa will agree to this?
Lucky: do be stupid do you think we are going to tell pap and mom about being intimate and get their permission for it?
Sanskar: nooo I meant what if she gets pregnant
Lucky: that what we want if she gets pregnant then they will me and her married and then we can get the family together again???
Sanskar: OHHH!!! That’s actually not bad so when are you guys going to be together? (winks at him)
Lucky: We already have… (looks down)
Sanskar: OH MY GOD WHEN?
Lucky: today
Sanskar: where? In the garage?
Lucky: yes
Sanskar: is that why you guys were struggling to say a reason to us and Ragini’s hair was messed up
Lucky: (nods yes)
Sanskar: OH GOD!! you guys are really quick and fast in your action (giggles at him)
Lucky: (Laksh hits Sanskar with the pillow)
Then after fighting they slept…

The next day

In the Maheshwari mansion….

To be continued……

Hope you guys liked it….


  1. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb
    Swaragini and Sanlak bonding and their craziness is really nice
    The way you present it is also great
    Waiting for the next one………….

  2. Fats

    Lool it was a great update. The conversations between SanLak and Swaragini were so funny. And SwaSan are right, RagLak were really fast and enthusiastic with their plan 😉😊.

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