RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 57)

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They go in and the place was decorated with Ragini’s favourite things and colours. She was amazed and happy to have a husband like him…

Laksh: do you like it
Ragini: I love it… for this I would give you anything you ask… you are then best husband that anyone could get I don’t know what I have don’t in the past generation to get someone loving like you and I also have the best family…
Laksh: so you would give anything eyy
Ragini: yes
Laksh: I will ask for it later okay
Ragini: okay now come let’s have lunch I don’t want to waste time and keep my handsome husband waiting now do I?
Laksh: of course you don’t come let move
They have candle light lunch

Laksh: May I have the pleasure to have a dance with my love lady?
Ragini: Of course my love Man

They dance for ‘hasi Ban Gaye’
They finished dancing…

Laksh picked her up by bridal style and took her to a room which was decorated with her favourite flowers and items…
Laksh handed her a box she opened it and there was lingerie corset…

Ragini: what is this Laksh?
Laksh: lingerie I want you to wear this for me
Ragini: No Laksh please its gonna feel Awkward
Laksh: no its not and remember you said you will do anything saw so want you to wear this and this is not like this is the first time we see each other without clothes is it? So will you wear it not (with a puppy face)
Ragini: oh please Laksh you want me to wear this and I’m pregnant you really want me to wear this
Laksh: okay fine don’t wear it! We are just wasting time now let’s just go home…
Ragini: Laksh listen please

Her gets up and goes to the room balcony without listening to her…

Tears escape from her eyes as this is the first time Laksh has ignored her…

To be continued…
Guys ik its short please forgive me please…

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