RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 55)

Guys many sorry for doing so short updates and thank you so much for you positive comments and please keep commenting hopefully you guys like how my story is going so far… love you all xx

Swara: but Ragini what is Sid Bhai asks Sanskar
Ragini: we will tell him to this secretly and not to tell anyone about his then she wouldn’t tell anyone, Swara is about Bhai she wouldn’t tell anyone if we want him to get involved…
Swara: okay Ragini we will tell Sid Bhayia, but when
Ragini: tomorrow we will tell everyone that we want a sisters and Brother
Time and we will go out and talk okay?
Swara: okay

After a while they have finished talking Ragini went to her room where her monsters (including Sid’s son) were playing altogether…

Ragini: What are all my monsters doing huh?
Jay (Sid’s son): mumma (he call her mumma and Roshini mummy) (he ran and hugged her) I missed you mumma didn’t you miss your chotu?
Ragini: of course I missed my chotu where did you leave your mumma huh?
Jay: sorry mumma I was with granny and grandad 
Ragini: aww mera chotu come here (she hugs him and kisses his forehead)

Just then all of then all of the other kids come running to her and hugs her,

Voice: is the hug only for your mumma and no your dadda?
Ragini: stop being jealous Laksh
Kids: Haan dadda stop being Jealous of our mumma
Laksh: come her you monsters
All go running to him and hugs him.

Kids: what did you get us papa?

Laksh: for what?
Kids: because you love us dadda
Laksh: Awww mera Bacha’s okay dadda will take you to ice cream treat later in the evening okay?
Kids: okay
Laksh: now dada needs to talk to mumma please got out and play with Sanskar chachu
Ragini: Laksh?? (all the kiss run out of the room and Laksh closes their door)
Laksh: What Laksh? I need to spend time with you and my two little babies down
There so keep quiet
Ragini: how do you know its two huh?

Laksh: because im their papa and I know that it’s a secret between papa and daughters
Ragini: mmmmm-hmmmmm
Laksh: I love you see we are not even that old and we going have 5 children
Ragini: yes, Laksh we are just 35 and gosh 5 children
Laksh: see Ragini even you agreed
Ragini: I love you too Laksh to the core I wish everything is just like how it’s going now
Laksh: why wouldn’t it love, now give some time to your handsome husband okay
Ragini: oh really my handsome husband
Laksh: get ready Ragini I have a surprise for you
Ragini: what is it?
Laksh: RAGINI!!!! Get ready baba I said it’s a Surprise naa

Ragini: OKAYYYY!!! Fine you go get fresh and I will get ready
Laksh: okay he goes to the washroom and comes back
Ragini was still getting ready with white lace saree with black border her blouse was shoulder off she was looking hot… Laksh came and back hugged her, he was giving her wet kisses on her neck
Laksh: you look damn hot my dear wifey
Ragini: Thank you my handsome husband can you get ready as you said that you have a surprise and look im ready and your not!
Laksh: okay!! Will do

He goes and gets ready…

They both came out the room and saw everyone outside their room…

Ragini: omg even I forgot my birthday
Laksh: Happy birthday jaan… ( he kisses her forehead)
Sid: and one more thing guys
All: Happy Diwali too all

To be continued…

Happy Diwali too all of my readers… hope you guys like my ff…
have a safe and sound Diwali

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