RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 54)

Guys many sorry for doing so short updates and thank you so much for you positive comments and please keep commenting hopefully you guys like how my story is going so far… love you all xx

Laksh: arrghhh sorry, sorry I was waiting to tell by video call when your Bhabhi was next to me but all of a sudden you’re here in India what should I do
Sanky: sorry, sorry I forgot with work tension…
Uttara: I am not going to speak to you both and she goes to her charming cuties AyJayanu: come here my cuties and doll did you miss this choti aunty?
All: haan yess aunty so much…
Anu: Uttara athai (aunty) what did u bring me?
Uttara: I about all of you your favourite I will give it to you later okay
All nods and hugs her and sits on her lap
Sid: after seeing your athai you forgot you maama (uncle)?
Anu runs to sid and says no I love you more than anyone and kisses his cheeks…

All were adoring their bond…

Shekar: okay everyone shall we had dinner and then we will continue our talks later? Im so hungry??

All of them goes to eat while they were eating their Swara gets a message, she read it and gets shocked and with the message there was a picture attached to it and it was Sanskar hugging a girl the girls face was not recognised…

They finished eating after that they all started talking and random things and how their office work was going and then they all went to sleep…
Like this a month passed and she kept getting text messages from a private number about Sanskar having an affair with another women she has not told anyone about this even Ragini the person she is most close with…

One evening she and Ragini were together she went to the washroom While Ragini was on Swara’s phone and saw all the messages she has got from the Private number and she hasn’t told anyone about it…

Ragini was think if she should ask her what is wrong or should she tell her herself to me… while think Swara came back from the washroom…
Ragini: Swara no days you seem so quiet and dull what’s wrong any fights between you and Sanskar? Or anything else
Swara: why are you asking all of a sudden what’s wrong with me nothing is wrong with me…
Ragini: don’t lie to me Swara I’m your elder Sister I know how you will be when there is a fight and when you are happy tell me what’s wrong NOW!!! Or should I call Sid Bhai now and ask him to come
Swara: NOOO! No, don’t do that I will tell you
Ragini: See, now tell me what’s wrong?
Swara: … she tell Ragini everything and shows her the messages and the pictures…
Ragini: have you asked Sanskar about this?
Swara: no
Ragini why?
Swara: because I am afraid, what is he is thinking that I don’t trust him and always doubting him?
Ragini: do think he will think like that?
Swara: maybe we don’t know…
Ragini: I think we should tell Sid Bhayia and he will help us
Swara: but Ragini what is Sid Bhai asks Sanskar
Ragini: we will tell him to this secretly and not to tell anyone about his then she wouldn’t tell anyone, Swara is about Bhai she wouldn’t tell anyone if we want him to get involved…
Swara: okay Ragini we will tell Sid Bhayia, but when
Ragini: tomorrow we will tell everyone that we want a sisters and Brother
Time and we will go out and talk okay?
Swara: okay

To be continued…

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