RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 53)

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Sanskar: Laksh don’t trust these sisters in the morning Swara threatened me and
now Sid bhai is threatening you
Sid: why what happen, why did Swara do?
Swara: I will tell you
Then she narrates everything to everyone all laughs

Mishti: on a serious note don’t be too in secured Swara it will run your trust toward Sanky
Swara: Ma I di trust him but you know that girl when she was leaving she say ‘I love you Sanskar’
I heard her say it but then when I asked her she was stumbling and stuttering what to say to me…
Sanskar did you see how she was stuttering when I asked her what she was said?
Sanskar: yes, I did but what if you heard wrong
Swara: no Sanskar I promise I heard her say that
All: okay, okay will we do something about that girl okay chotii
Swara: okay I love you all
All: we love you too

Anu: aunty I love you more than all of them
Swara: aww mera cutie I love you so much too
Ayden: Swara: aunty I will name your children okay as mumma is naming her Brothers Daughters
Sid: oi what am I to you (holding his ears)
Ayden: sorry Sid uncle please leave me with a puppy face
Sid: aww my handsome is so cute you just know how to melt me don’t you
All laughs with their talks.

Laksh: everyone I am expecting twins for Ragini what do you think?
Dp: Laksh you are just too much
Simran: haan Laksh just because you had triplets that doesn’t mean that you will have twins again
Laksh: you guys are just jealous that I got 3 children in one go
Ragini: Laksh what are you speaking in front of elders have some shame your children are here too
Roshini: leave it Ragini my brother is just little too excited… hena Laksh?
Laksh nods childishly

Ragini: went running to hug her
Sujatha: RAGINI chori don’t run your Pregnant for god sakes
Ragini: sorry chachii
The person came running to Ragini
Person: I missed you Bhabhi and where are my cuties Ayden, Jayden and Anu doll
Ragini: I misses my doll too and Uttara you didn’t tell us that you were coming back to India
Uttara: I wanted to surprise you all so I didn’t call anyone

(Guys few days after the fight Shekar and Dp had, Uttara was sent to
London for her higher studies and she has come back now)

Sanskar: so you didn’t miss us you just missed your best Bhabhi and her children yehh…
Uttara: yes, she is my best Bhabhi and her children are my favourites you are just jealous that
I don’t love you as much as I love my Ragini Bhabhi and her children
Ram: no stop your fight and come and sit
(Uttara goes and sits with Ragini and Swara
Swara: don’t talk to me Uttara I see how you don’t miss me
Uttara: aww Swara Bhabhi I missed you too
Laksh: Uttara my lovely sister what did you bring for your brother huh?
Uttara: you most Favourite perfume and chocolates…
Laksh hugs her that’s my sweet sister do you know how much I missed you>
Uttara: of course I knw, as you tell me every day over the phone unlike some people (looking at Sanskar)

Sid: enough of your sister and brother talks now as Uttara is back and finished her higher studies let’s get her married
Uttara: Sid: Bhayia you can’t see me living peacefully can you… I don’t what to get married I want to live with you guys always…
Roshini: so what we will find you a groom that would stay with our house okay
Raj: like Sid with your mother for that year
Everyone stars to laugh
Sid: dad!! Sasu mom is not bad
Raj: okay, okay
Adarsh: any ways Uttara how was your exams n all
Pari: Adarsh really she just came back now and you’re asking her about her exams n all
Uttara: it’s okay Bhabhi it was fine bhai anyways Bhabhi what is my man saying in there and how many months
Pari: 7 months
Uttara: and mom why were you telling Ragini Bhabhi not to run?
Sujatha: don’t you know did nt your brothers tell you?
Uttara: what? They didn’t tell me anything
Sujatha: Ragini is pregnant and so is Swara
Uttara: OMG!!! REALLY?
Swaragini nods, she gets up and hugs them then she looks at Laksh and Sanky giving them death glare.

Uttara: why didn’t you tell me when you was speaking to me on the phone?
And starts to chase then finally got hold of them and holds their ears on the each end…

Laksh: arrghhh sorry, sorry I was waiting to tell by video call when your
Bhabhi was next to me but all of a sudden you’re here in India what should I do
Sanky: sorry, sorry I forgot with work tension…
Uttara: I am not going to speak to you both and she goes to her charming cuties
AyJayanu: come here my cuties and doll did you miss this choti aunty?
All: haan yess aunty so much…
Anu: Uttara athai (aunty) what did u bring me?
Uttara: I about all of you your favourite I will give it to you later okay
All nods and hugs her and sits on her lap
Sid: after seeing your athai you forgot you maama (uncle)?
Anu runs to sid and says no I love you more than anyone and kisses his cheeks…

All were adoring their bond…

To be continued…


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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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    awesome dear…naughty laksh….u already have triplets…now u want twins….bad ya…poor ragini how she can manage five children ya…

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