RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 52)

Guys I wanted to know if I should continue with this ff? Or finish it.
Idk I thought it was boring and I am running out of ideas any suggestions?
And sorry guys for the short update before please all of you guys forgive me love you all

Swara: no need Ragini Di is his P.A. just like me and I will find her a job you don’t worry I will tell Sid Bhai to find her a job and for now Deeksha can you wait outside…
Deeksha: okay mam sorry
Sanskar: don’t worry you will get a job soon we will call you and tell you to come so for now please go home and don’t take us wrong as she’s pregnant so that’s why she’s got mood swings so have to cope that sorry…
Swara: sanskarrrrrrr how can you say that you idiot she hits his shoulder…

Deeksha (in mind): … I loved you Sanskar from the beginning but you didn’t even know I existed I should I told you this before but I couldn’t as you loved Swara but know you’re going to turn in to a dad I have to do something before that baby comes in to this earth either harm you or harm Swara am sorry please forgive me…
“I love you sanskar”

Swara: sorry what did you say?
Deeksha: I… I… I said did you go to o xyz uni?
Swara: why?
Deeksha: because I have seen you somewhere
Swara: yes, I went to that uni
Deeksha: ok
Swara: okay now sorry and go home I will tell my Bhai to call you…
Deeksha: okay mam thanks…

She leaves while giving swara the devils…

(Now guys… My Friend Spp, recommended me to give some family time so now I will give some Gadodia and Maheshwari family time…)

At MM…

Everyone was there talking about Sid and Roshini’s babies what to name them already…

Ragini: I will name then this time
Sid: okay baba you will
Ragini: for both the babies I have more rights on them then anyone
Anu: no mama they are my sisters I will name them
Jayden: no I will name them
Aden: no mama will name then
Ragini: aww mera bacha’s only your mumma will choose their names
Laksh: sid Bhai can you see how childish your sister is, and she has 3 children and one on the way… what type of behaviour is this ragini?
Sid: don’t say anything about my sister she is how she is problem? If you say anything about her I will murder you
All laugh at what he says as Laksh Gulps water and was sweating as Sid say that…

Laksh: im sorry I wouldn’t say anything wrong abput you suster again…
Ragini: laksh he was joking chill
Sanskar: Laksh don’t trust these sisters in the morning Swara threatened me and now Sid bhai is threatening you
Sid: why what happen, why did Swara do?
Swara: I will tell you
Then she narrates everything to everyone all laughs

Mishti: on a serious note don’t be too in secured Swara it will run your trust toward Sanky

To be continued…

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    If you want you can end

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Dear if u r having much difficulty to continue u can end but u have to back with another one remember that also
    Waiting for the next one……………..

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    Awesome update dear….

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  8. amazing and if u have a good story in mind then continue and if u r finding it hard to write then u can drop it and start with new i m k with both

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