RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 51)

Guys I wanted to know if I should continue with this ff? Or finish it.
Idk I thought it was boring and I am running out of ideas any suggestions?
And sorry guys for the short update before please all of you guys forgive me love you all

Laksh: what a kind hearted life I’ve got
Ragini: I learnt all this from my Bhai and my Life both of them and kind and soft hearted you know
Laksh: really I didn’t know that but I know Sid Bhai is but your life I didn’t know that…
Ragini: okay now stop and let me finish feeding you
Laksh nods and they finish eating…

Ragini leave from the office as she didn’t want to disturb her hubby from working…

Scene shifts to Sanskar’s cabin…

Swara enters Sanskar’s cabin and sees a girl on top of Sanskar

Sanskar: Swara she tripped by this wire and fell on me
Swara: was giving the girl death glares
Girl: sorry mam it was an accident
Sanskar: she is my new P.A. Deeksha
Swara: why do you need a new p.a.?
Sanskar: because Moorthy left as he is shifting counties with his family
Swara: you Sanskar I can be your P.A. and give this girl a different job
Sanskar: but Swara
Swara: do as I say or otherwise I will have to tell Sid Bhayia and you know what will happen
Sanskar: okay my angry wifey no need to tell Sid
Deeksha: but sir what other job is available
Sanskar: I will tell Lucky to check I mean Laksh I think he needs a P.A. too
Swara: no need Ragini Di is his P.A. just like me and I will find her a job you don’t worry I will tell Sid Bhai to find her a job and for now Deeksha can you wait outside…
Deeksha: okay mam sorry
Sanskar: don’t worry you will get a job soon we will call you and tell you to come so for now please go home and don’t take us wrong as she’s pregnant so that’s why she’s got mood swings so have to cope that sorry…
Swara: sanskarrrrrrr how can you say that you idiot she hits his shoulder…

Deeksha (in mind): …

To be continued…

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  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Loved it
    Waiting for the next one……………

  2. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear….

  3. nice more raglak scene

  4. Akshata


  5. Asra

    superbbb dear….

  6. Astra

    Nice dear…i have an idea, add some supernatural elements and make laksh diappear… And some villan comes in laksh place near Ragini… Now, ragini fights to get back her husband… Hehe… Is it funny? Now in present serial track also laksh is missing…so I thought of it… Haha… I just thought like that….

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