RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 50)

Guys I wanted to know if I should continue with this ff? Or finish it.
Idk I thought it was boring and I am running out of ideas any suggestions?
And sorry guys for the short update before please all of you guys forgive me love you all

Ragini: NO
Laksh: I give up who is it?
Ragini (really pissed off, in the verge of crying): you really know others touch except your own wife’s touch I see how everything is,
I cooked all your favorite dishes with so much love and now all of that is all a waste…
She was about to go when Laksh holds her hand…

Laksh: I’m sorry I never thought I will hurt you so much and do you really think I can’t recognise you’re touch
how could you be so stupid my lovely wife.
Ragini: but who were all those girls you were saying? I don’t know them even during our college time
Laksh: they are all actresses and how can you not recognise their names silly girl
Ragini: I’m sorry and hold her ears.
Laksh: aww mera bacha it’s okay and I am sorry for making you upset and kisses her forehead…
so now tell me what have you made for your life
Ragini: I have made my life his favourite’s spring rolls, sambar and dosa, biryani and I bought your
favourite chocolate malteasers from the shops on my way to the office.
Laksh: I have varieties of food to choose from now what should I eat?
Ragini: your choice first have biryani then dosa and sambar… and the spring rolls for tea as
I know that you will be late coming home so make sure you eat it
Laksh: great idea but first I will have sambar and dosa then biryani okay?

Ragini: okay
Laksh: but one condition
Ragini: what
Laksh: you should feed me
Ragini: Laksh this is office how can I what if someone comes in
Laksh: no one will come, so will you feed me or not?
Ragini: fine I will

Ragini gets all the food out off the bag and starts to put sambar and Dosa on the plate then she feeds him…
As she feeds him he too feeds he back and then it is the second round Ragini puts biryani on the plate and feeds him just then…
**Knock Knock**

Laksh: come in
As the staff enters his cabin he sees Ragini feeding Laksh… the staff got shook to see them too

Staff: sorry to disturb you sir and mam
Laksh: its fine now tell me what do you need
Staff: sir can I take leave early
Laksh: why?
Staff: sir my wife is pregnant and today I promised her that I will take her to check up myself so can I take leave
Laksh: (looks at Ragini and she nods yes and she knows how it feels and so does Laksh)
congratulations as I didn’t know and yes you can just tell me how many months is your wife
Ragini: Laksh that’s personal why are you asking and congrats bhayia
Staff: that’s fine mam and my wife is 6 months
Laksh: that’s cute and so is my wife she’s 1 month
Staff: (smiles) congratulations to you sir and mam
RagLak: thank you

Ragini: Bhayia you go and do you need any extra money for the hospital fees?
Staff: no mam no need I will manage
Ragini: Bhai please stop staying mam please call me your sister
Staff looks at Laksh and he nods yes
Staff: sorry sister
Ragini gets up and give the staff money for the hospital service and the staff leaves…

Laksh: what a kind hearted life I’ve got
Ragini: I learnt all this from my Bhai and my Life both of them and kind and soft hearted you know
Laksh: really I didn’t know that but I know Sid Bhai is but your life I didn’t know that…
Ragini: okay now stop and let me finish feeding you
Laksh nods and they finish eating…

Ragini leave from the office as she didn’t want to disturb her hubby from working…

To be continued…

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  3. Superb and so cute episode. Plz continue. Congrats for 50th episode

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    honestly,, I think you should end this one and write a new one.xx

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