RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 5)


***Ragini and Laksh are in the garage***

Lucky: Ragini look at me
Rags: (Ragini looks at him with all the love in her eye)
Lucky: I love you, I just want to say that all my life and treat you like a queen when we are married
Rags: That’s only if our parents and family reunite….
There’s a long silence between them…………….
Lucky: Let’s do something (he gets a naughty idea)
Rags: Lucky what are you saying?
Lucky: let’s get intimate………
Rags: (gets shy) Are you stupid what if I get pregnant?
Lucky: that’s what we want
Rags: I don’t get what you’re saying
Lucky: If you get pregnant we will get married and then we can get out families together, what do you think? (winks at her)
Rags: that’s a Great idea (winks at him) and then in a jokey way she punches his shoulder
Lucky: Ragini you know I’m serious about getting intimate with you.
Rags: OMG!!! Laksh how can we do this if I get pregnant what are we going say when this happened huh?
Lucky: before the family broke apart
Rags: I don’t think it is a good idea
(Laksh get close to her Ragini panics and moves to the other side of the garage Laksh quickly hold her by her waist, Rags get this tingling sensation inside herself she couldn’t control herself she quickly hugged him)
Lucky: (whispers in her ear) shall I continue or?
Rags: she stood there silently did not say anything
Lucky: Rags say something baba
Rags: (nods yes) if we have to get out families together then yes I will do anything
Lucky: are you sure? I don’t want to get in to anything that you do not want to do
Rags: teary eye I wanted to do all this after our marriage with our parents’ permission so that they are happy with our relationship but if we have to do something to get our families together then yes…………
(there was a long silence between them both)
Lucky: Ragini shall I?
Rags nods……… yes
They both consummate their love………….

Moving to Sanskar and Swara……

Swara: so what are you going to talk about
Sanskar: your beauty
Swara: she shyly smacks Sanskar on his shoulder

They looked at the time it was 3am they go shocked and when to the garaged and knocked.
Ragini and Laksh gets shock they quickly put their clothes on and opened the door…… Swara asked them why did they take so long to open the door… they look at each other and stumble to say something…………….

To be continued……

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