RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 46) Continuation

Hey guys I’m back I’m going to continue with this ff so hope you guys like and hopefully you guys enjoy too. Love you load all of yours.

Sanskar: Swara I am the happiest man right now even though Ragini is going to make us aunty Swara: really so I’m gonna be come a mum and a aunty too that’s awesome. Sanskar:: I’m really happy our family is going be complete. By the way how may kids do you want. Swara: I want 3 you. Sanskar: I want about a dozen. What do you say? Swara: chiii be serious Sanskar. Sanskar: okok I want 4 two like you 2 like me Swara: I’m fine with that.
Scene shifts back to raglak’s room…
Ragini was about to get and go to the washroom when Laksh pulled her back tell her not to go.
Ragini:I need to go ma will we waiting for me to come Laksh: no she wouldn’t she is the one who told me take care of my queen and let her rest so you are going to stay here okie. With m the kids are with ma and papa they will look after them and also they are going to Gogadia mansion today as did Bhayia want to take them out side. Ragini: Laksh you know I am the most luckiest person in the world I swear I have the best Brother and have the best husband I just have a perfect family. What all women need that’s enough for me to d….
Before he can continue Laksh smacked his lips against ragini’s as is he was ready to go for a tournament. It was a sudden shock for Ragini but then after a while it turned out to be a passionate one.

To be continued…
I know it’s short I’m sorry. Please bare with my as my laptop is not working I have to us my phone for it so I’m sorry for this short ff.

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