RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 44)


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After couple of day it was the naming ceremony of their children…
They named the children
Girl: Anushka
Boy1: Jayden
Boy2: Ayden

Karan and Krystal came……

Krystal: thank you so much guys… because of you we both found each other and now we are going to get married
Karan: yes, this is all because of you and we are sorry if we bothered you guys so much and tried to separate your true love…
Laksh: it’s okay but at least you guys love each other and are a right match to each other
Ragini: yes, his correct… no worries…
Krystal: guys we are getting married next week so all of you guys should come…
Ragini: for sure

Just then Roshini got labour pain and they took her to the hospital and after an hour they heard a baby cry,
the doctor came out and said it’s a boy…
everyone was happy especially Ragini…
that he brother got a baby boy now she is and aunty…

Few days later it was the naming ceremony of Rosid’s child…
They named him…… Jay…
Everyone was happy ……

A week later it was Karan and Krystal’s wedding they finished the rituals and lived happily…

Leap of a few years…

SwaSan got married…

RoSid and RagLak’s children turned 4…

Everyone was happy… they were a happy family…


Wanted to spend some time alone with each other so they booked a hotel and
told their family so excuse and told them to look after their three monsters…

In the hotel:

Ragini: what was he need of this Laksh? I miss my monsters and they bubbloo (RoSid’s some)
Laksh: so you don’t miss spending time with your loving husband?
Ragini: of course I do my baby…
Laksh: then shall I start my work?
Ragini: what work (confused)
Laksh: oh ho you dumbo…
My work and winks at her
Ragini: ohh, yes I’m all yours…

Laksh picks her up and put her on the bed then her starts to kiss her belly then works his word way
upwards and kisses her neck Ragini moans his name which Laksh likes…

Just then he gets a call from Sanskar:

Laksh: what do you want Sanskar?
Ragini giggles…
Sanskar: guess what
Laksh: WHAT!
Sanskar: Pari Bhabhi is pregnant
Laksh: really that’s good tell them me and Ragini congratulates them and don’t disturb again…
Sanskar: ok
Laksh: good bye
Sanskar: bye


Ragini: what happen
Laksh: Pari Bhabhi is pregnant
Ragini: really
Laksh: no I’m joking
Ragini: (pouts) so do you want keep talking and not do your work?
Laksh: I will not leave you now… I’m going switch this phone off and yours too…

Now, Laksh continues his work, now it was Ragini she started kissing him and then finally they consummate…

The next day…
RagLak went back to their house…
Everyone was pampering Pari…
Rags was happy to see their families love…

They were in the kitchen…

Suddenly Swara faints and everyone panicked and they call the doc and comes and tell them that she is pregnant everyone was happy and excited just then when the doc was about to leave Ragini faints… Laksh knew what it could be and he was smiling and everyone was looking at him weirdly asking him why his smiling as his wife fainted… the doc comes out after checking her and informs then that she is pregnant again… everyone was double happy and everyone asked Laksh that if already knew if she was pregnant?

Laksh: no I didn’t know but I guessed it that it can be that’s why I smiled
Dp: how did you guess?
Laksh: I guess because everyone was fainting and the doc keeps telling then they are pregnant so I thought why can’t Ragini be pregnant as well?
Ap: clever (sarcastically)
They made sweets and celebrated…
Everyone was happy…

RagLak’s room:

Anushka: why did mumma fall today
Laksh: because you going to get to get a sister
Jayden: I want a beautiful sister just like Anu
Aden: I want to a brother
Anu: same I want another brother…
Jayden: no sister…
Laksh: stop my champs and Doll we will see when they baby is born okay?
Aden: when will it be born
Laksh: after 9 months
Jayden: that’s too long why can’t it become now…
Laksh: offo your small monsters are asking me so much questions

Just then Ragini wakes up
Laksh: take rest Ragini: you need to take care of your self
Ragini: why?
Laksh: because your carrying my Doll in there
Ragini: what?
Laksh: you dumbo
Ragini: what
Laksh: your pregnant
Ragini: really and hugs him…
Laksh: I love you
Ragini: love you too xx
AnuJayAden: mumma and papa how about us
Ragini: Ohho come here you monsters

They have a family hug

Just picture them hugging…

The End…

Finally finished, how is it? you guys liked it…

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  1. Superb really love it. Raglak romance and swara , park and ragini pregnancy scene was marvellous . I am confused yaar how many children do raglak have. ??? Haha……and is this the last ep. ???

    1. Shana98

      Yes last epi and thank you and raglak has 3 children and she got pregnant again so 4

  2. Sindhura

    Wow nice

    1. Shana98

      Thank you

  3. _Angel_

    OMG Shana can’t believe it’s the last epi ??? but this epi was amazing and too cute loved it to the core u rocked this whole ff and well done and congrats for completing ur ff seriously gonna miss this loads and yh hope to see u back with smthing new soon
    Till then
    Take care
    Keep smiling

    1. Shana98

      Thank you good that you liked it thought it would be boring but not so boring and dw I started a new ff read it it’s called raglak – force love obsession and lust

  4. Sreevijayan

    Awww..very cute ending dear…..

    1. Shana98

      Thank you

    1. Shana98

      Thank you

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  6. nice plzz comeback with another raglak ff waiting for it

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      Thank you I have updated it read it

  7. Akshata

    hey!!!!! i want to know, is it a boy or girl or both ? just kidding. awesome ending loved it. i have just read your new ff and guess what i am already loving it.

    1. Shana98

      Lol that’s a suspense and thank you xx

  8. Varsha

    Akka, gonna miss weird relationship of raglak, it was a sweet from the beginning. I love it akka, waiting for your next raglak ff

    1. Shana98

      thank you there might… might be a part 2 continuing the story… :p

  9. Happy ending and loved it dear

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      thank you

  10. Teja

    Why shana u ended yr update was superb nice

    1. Shana98

      thank you but there might be part 2

  11. Nice, please start another raglak ff

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      thank you and already did

  12. Megha123

    Wow super

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      thank you

  13. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous
    Loved it
    Lovely ending DEAR
    Thanks for coming back with another ff
    Meet u there

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    superb ending

  16. It’s really amazing
    I enjoyed the whole journey
    Take care

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