RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 42)


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Ragini: why do we have to do this?
Karan: as you’re not happy with him you have too…
Ragini: we are not going to divorce till our babies are born
Sid: what going on here?

Roshini takes him aside and explains everything to him…

Sid: what the hell do they think this is a good idea?
Roshini: I don’t know
Sid: come
Roshini: no if I come there then their plan will flop

Scene shifts

Ragini: what do you guy think of yourselves that we will get divorce straight away we just got married 3 days ago…
Krystal: but you guys aren’t happy with each other
Laksh: who said we are not?

Karan: you guys were having fights the other day
Sid: actually for your kind information they are very happy with they married and love life so the F**** out of this house…
Krystal: who is he Laksh?
Laksh: MY WIFE’s brother
Karan: oh why are you getting involved
Laksh: so you to please understand we love each other have a think you guys suit I think you two should try and give a chance to you guys relationship.
Sid: his right you two suit each other
Ragini: give it a go and then if it doesn’t work out then come to us…

Karstal: okay we are listening to you guys we will give it a go…

To be continued…

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