RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 4)

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Janki left as they said they will do something

It’s night time………

Ragini and Swara were thinking and talking to each other about they should do to get both the families untied again………………
As they were think of what to do Rags got a phone call from an unknown number…… They said ………

Unknown: we have kidnapped your lucky…… If you want him back come to your garage
Rags: (Ragini with a shocking face) who is this? what do you want? Leave him……
Swara: got worried and asked her who was on the phone
Rags: told her what happen
(they both started laughing)
Unknown: ask her why, she’s laughing and who is with her?
Rags: my sister Swara is with me
Unknown: okay, then why are you laughing?
Rags: Because I know who’s speaking and why are you trying to scare me if you want to meet me LAKSH ask me to come instead of using these stupid techniques and is Sanskar with you I bet he gave you this stupid idea………….
Unknown: Who said am Laksh, I told you come meet me I kidnapped Laksh……
Rags: Oh really ill come shall I bring Swara with me?
Unknown: yes, bring her too
They ended the call …… Swara and Ragini laughed and went to their garage

They see two people standing there as they entered the garage……
Ragini runs toward a guy who’s standing there and slaps him

Laksh: why did you do that for?
Rags: how dare you say such thing
Laksh: what such bad thing did I say?
Rags: that you got kidnapped do you know how scared I got first hearing that then after that I recognized your voice and heard Sanskar giggle at the back.
Swara: Yes, jiju, that’s how we recognized that it was you and Sanskar and know tell us why did you come here?
Sanskar: We came here to see my beautiful Bhabhi
Swara: Oh really so you didn’t want see me then?
Sanskar: Of course I came to see my baby too (winked at her)

(Swara hides her face in shyness hugs him and they left rags and Lucky to spend some time together so they can have some time together as well)


They hugged each other, Ragini started crying

Lucky: Why are you crying?
Rags: I don’t know why, I think it’s because that our families are not talking and our houses are not the same anymore all the noises, fun…… everything
Lucky: Don’t be stupid, no matter what I will always love you IF only IF I had to marry someone else I will dies

(Ragini puts her hand on Lucky’s mouth and slaps him)
Rags: How could you say that if you are not alive I will die my…….
(Lucky puts his finger on her lips)
Lucky: please don’t say that Please.
They both hug each other tighter and……………………

To be continued……………


  1. Fats

    Awwwww it was such a sweet part. Lool SanLak have funny but cute methods to meet Swara and Ragini ?. And Aww at the love between RagLak, the way they can’t live without each other is adorable ❤️

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