RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 39)

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Just then Ragini turns and see’s Karan and Krystal:

Karan: what happen Ragini?
Ragini: narrates everything to him and he gets happy
Krystal: Laksh just forget about her can come with me…
Ragini: before that I want divorce, so that we can move our lives on…

Laksh: Ragini really is this all your trust is for me?
Ragini: yes!
Laksh: okay, so you want divorce right fine you will get divorce
Ragini: fine!! We will move one yes you with Krystal and I with Karan…
Karan: yes
Krystal: yes!

After all this they went to their homes…

The Maheshwari mansion….

RagLak’s room;

Ragini is sitting on the bed and crying… just then Laksh walk in and see her…

Laksh: (come and sits next to her) what happen baby?
Ragini: (hugs him) I’m sorry I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that I am really sorry… (kisses him on his cheeks)
Laksh: don’t worry nothing will happen to our relationship…
And if you do this; every time we fight I would never let go of you
Ragini: so if I don’t you will go of me?
Laksh: no it’s not like that’s do you know how much I love you it’s just a drama so don’t take it serious
Ragini: okay (they both hug and sleep in each other’s embrace)

Next morning…

Ragini had her first scan and it was her 4th month…

Sid: so LAKSH, RAGINI are you ready let’s go?
Ragini; coming
Laksh: Ragini we are going to see our children for the first time
Ragini: yes, Laksh I can’t wait no more…


To be continued…


  1. Fairy

    Awww….lovely episode dear😊😊raglak r sooo sweeet😊 keep rockng n stay blessed😊😊😊😇

  2. _Angel_

    |Registered Member

    This was awesome Shana u always make me smile with ur ff loved this epi and I hope raglak stay together and nothing goes wrong with this drama

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