RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 33)


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They both went to sleep saying goodnight to each other, as tomorrow was their wedding day….

In the morning everyone was busy……
Ragini and Laksh were getting ready for their day…

Ragini was looking beautiful as every woman would want to look on their wedding day and Laksh was looking dashing hot as their wives would want them to look on their wedding day…

They both come down (the wedding was happening in the Maheshwari Mansion) they looked at each other Laksh mouthed that she looks beautiful and so did Ragini but she signed that he looked handsome.

They come to the mandap and sit everyone was happy that there is something good it happening in their family after a long time…

Sid: look everybody, just look how beautiful, gorgeous my sweetheart looks on her big day
Roshini: she isn’t only your sweetheart she is my angle obviously she will look like her Bhabhi (winks at Sid)
Sid: oh hello he looks Beautiful because her Bhai Handsome she’s got my gene that’s why (shows his tongue at her)

Everybody just laughs at their silly antics
The marriage continues just then someone says “STOP!”

Everybody is shocked and looked around to see who it was… Krystal
Sanskar: why are you here? No one invited you…
Krystal: because I love LAKSH
Swara: WHAT??!!

Everyone is shocked

Dp: what hell is going on?
Laksh: I’ve told you I don’t love you I only love my Ragini
Mishti: what is going on Laksh? Someone tell us

Sanskar: basically when we were in college Krystal love Laksh everyone knew that even Ragini knew (Ragini nodded yes) but the whole college knew that Laksh and Ragini were in a relationship for 2 years already… but then Krystal was new to our college she was in Laksh’s class she liked him his helping nature and his silliness, she told her friends that she is in love with Laksh but her friends said that Laksh was already in love with Ragini she got jealous she has already a few times tried to hurt Ragini in college… But me a Laksh have saved her by knowing her plan as she tells her friends and her friends come and tell us as they know that we a nice people to everyone in college and the people in college took RagLak’s relationship as an example for true love no one ever wanted to break them. Then on our final day of college Krystal Proposed to Laksh in front of everyone in college even in front of Ragini but Laksh refused her Proposal and she got insulted as everyone knew that she tried to break their relationship and everyone hated her… then after we didn’t see her after that and know her has come here again!

Laksh: I told you I don’t love you
Krystal: but I love you more than anyone
Laksh: look I am going to be a father for my three children and I LOVE RAGINI!!! Do you understand
Krystal: father? What? What are you saying?
Ragini: yes, I am pregnant with Laksh’s children
Swara: if you don’t mind can we get this marriage over and done with I’m hungry Krystal: wth Laksh you cheated me
Sid: how did he cheat you, he didn’t love you in the first place and this marriage is going to happen and any circumstances no one can stop it and you are welcome to stay and watch what is happing okay?

Everyone is quite and they done the marriage RagLak to the 7 rounds and Laksh put the Mangalsutra and applied sindoor on Ragini’s forehead Krystal was fuming in anger…

Laksh: now I’m happy and Krystal please just move one please
Krystal: of course Laksh I will do you think I’m not going it and I will live a better life than you two just wait and watch…

Krystal went after…
Everyone was happy…
They finished all the rituals and it is their wedding night…
Before Laksh can go in Swara, Roshini, Sid, Sanskar were in front of his room asked him for money so that they can let him…
He gave them the money they asked for and they let him go in…

To be continued…
Sorry guys if it is boring……

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  2. Superb episode

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  3. nice I think crystal is gonna create some problem next part soon

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    new villain in raglak’s life, interesting. update soon

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    I think this Krystal is going to create problems….

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    ya she will definitely create a problem for raglak nd i dont want this krystal in their life i hate her

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    Loved it
    It is not boring

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