RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 31)


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Everyone comes in and sees them
Pari goes to Ragini…

Pari: I’m sorry Ragini please forgive me no one is talking to me… I regret for doing this to you… I’m really sorry … please tell them for forgive me please… :’(

Ragini and everyone looks on…

Pari: say something Ragini please forgive me please
Ragini: Bhabhi why did you do this? We had so much respect for you
Pari: please I regret for my doings please forgive me and give me one more chance…
Ragini: okay Bhabhi I forgive you but if this happens again after my marriage with Laksh sorry to say but I can’t do anything but listen to Laksh and move houses and live separate from our families
Laksh: she is right I will let no chance for anyone to hurt my wife or children…

Pari: thank you so much please everyone forgives me
Adarsh: Pari this is your final waring even I will divorce you if you carry on like this
Simran: you should consult with a doctor about you not having a baby
Pari: I will do that aunty

Mishti: okay everyone we have so much preparation to do for tomorrow we can’t just stay here and talk all day can we?
Swara: huh mom and everyone lets got…
Sid: mom I’ll take of Ragini you guys carry on with the preparation’s
Laksh: I will also stay and finish all formalities and then come with them two you guys go
Ap:okay take care of my Daughter-in-law safely yes
Sid & Laksh: yes

To be continued……

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