RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 3)


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As they walked, Swara tripped on a stone she didn’t realize just about when she was going to fall Sanskar caught her…… they had an eye lock

Lucky: (Laksh cleared his throat) Guys enough of your romance, Sanskar let her go she’s getting late.
Rags: Yes, Swara we are getting late let’s go……
Swara: YES, YES I’m coming. Sanskar let go of me I need to go
Sanskar: Swara I want to say something to you.
Swara: Yes, Sanskar tell me
Sanskar: Do you know the difference between but I love you and I love but? First one gives you an unreserved affection and the second one pushes you towards lots of situations. My love for you is that, no matter what happen I will always be with you. The best place for me is in your heart. Can you keep this place for me all through your life? I know there is no better place for me so can you be the love of my life?

Swaraglak where all gob smacked and shock by Sanskar’s proposal to Swara.
Swara was in tear……
Swara: nodded yes and said…………. I came across someone has stolen my heart and it is you don’t throw it away and give it to your love since I give my life to you………
Sanskar got happy and picked her up and started spinning her just then they saw RagLak and both of them were shy……………

Raglak were shocked by what Swara has answered him but they thought it was cute and looked at each other happily.

Rags: Excuse me guys for interrupting you but Me and Swara need to go so can you guys romance tomorrow when we meet……
Swara: (looked at Sanskar and smiled) yes let’s go and we will meet here at the same time as today at 1:00pm and exactly at this place where no one can see us……
Sanskar: okay guy’s bye then, see you tomorrow (he kissed Swara on her cheeks)
Swara smiled and ran away in shyness……
RagLak waved at each other and so did SwaSan……

Gadodia Mansion:

Swara and Ragini enters the house………….

Shekar: Where have you girls been all this time
Janki: Shekar they told me they where they went they went shopping for a friend who’s leaving for London tomorrow
SwaRag looked at each other both said ….
SwaRag: yes, dad we went shopping with our friend Ria, she’s leaving for London tomorrow
Shekar: okay my loves, remember you MUST not talk to anyone one from that family
Rags: okay dad
Swara: yeas daddy

They go to their room………….
Janki follows then to their room……….
Janki: Ladies did you both go meet Laksh and Sanskar?
Rags: no mom why?
Swara: Why mom?
Janki: because you girls look like you have, you are very happy even after what has happen and that your father had broken the relationship between Rags and Laksh.
Rags: Mom I am understanding were you coming from but I love Laksh no one can change that I will wait for DP uncle and dad to change their decision and when this family reunite with Laksh’s family we will wait.
Janki: I understand your feelings dear but do you really think they are going to make up?
Swara: Why not?
Janki: because they both blame each other for the loss and how will they understand the miss understanding?
SwaRag: we’ll do something……………

To be continued……………………………….

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