RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 26)


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Laksh leans and kisses her… they actually made it passionate and they continued it for at least 10 mins and got disturbed by Sid’s voice and moved apart….

They spin the bottle it lands on Sanskar…

Ragini: truth or dare
Sanskar: dare
Ragini: I dare you to go to ma and papa’s room and put make up on papa and draw a moustache on ma okay?
Sanskar: really anything else?
Ragini: no you have to do that
Sanskar: okay
He goes toward their room and he did what Ragini told him to do and came back

They spin the bottle it lands on Sid…

Sanskar: truth or dare?
Sid: dare
Sanskar: go to Sujatha and Rp uncles room put a ladies’ gown on him and a bit of make up
Sid: is that is? That’s easy
Sid went and did what Sanskar told him to do, he changed Rp in to a gown without waking him up and put a little bit of make up on his face and came back

They spin the bottle it lands on Ragini

Swara: truth or dare?
Ragini: truth
Swara: have you had any crushes other than Laksh
Laksh tensely look at Ragini what her answer would be and Ragini was looking at him too
Ragini: to be honest (smiling at Laksh) NO
Laksh looks relived
They all laughed looking at Laksh’s reaction and he old them to stop

At the end there was no point in spinning the bottle because the last person was Roshini…

Laksh: truth or dare
Roshini: dare
Laksh: okay ummm you have to make a scene so that everyone wakes and they can see each other okay??
Roshini: okay

Roshini fall on the floor and scream: MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Everyone’s room light went on and everyone came out of their rooms and asked her what happen and all the youngers started laughing looking at the elder’s, they were confused and looked at each other and started laughing

Simran: omg who did this to you guys
Raj: what happen
Sid handed everyone a mirror so that they can look and selves
Mishti: who did this
Youngers: all of us did we were playing truth or dare so people got dared to do to do this…
All the elder’s started chasing them and finally they went and slept.

Next day morning…

Everyone was busy as for the engagement preparation…
While Ragini and Laksh got ready to see the doctor…

Ragini: Laksh can you believe that we are having triplets
Laksh: you know when I first heard that I was just like I was the happiest man on earth
Ragini: thank you Laksh for giving me this happiness…
Laksh: no thank and no sorry, if I had to thank you I would have been thanking you for so much
Ragini: okay, okay
Laksh: are you ready?
Ragini: yep lets go
Laksh: is Sid Bhai coming with us?
Ragini: maybe let’s ask
Laksh: okay come

They went to the hall and asked Sid and Roshini if they were coming with them to the hospital:
Sid: yes, of course I would be coming with my Angel
Roshini: yep I am deffo coming

They get going to the hospital…

To be continued…

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  1. wasnt it twins and nt triplets….

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