RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 25)

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look here and there but there was no one there he went back to sleep…
They spin the bottle again it lands on Pari…
Sanskar: truth or dare?
Pari: truth
Sanskar: how man y people have proposed to you before marriage and how many have you accepted?
Pari: stares at Adarsh and says: I have had 6 proposals; I have accepted 1
Adarsh: whose did you accept
Pari: yours obviously (winks at him)
Adarsh gets shy and walks away Pari goes behind him as all of them were teasing them so they went…

They spin the bottle it lands on Swara…

Laksh: truth or dare…
Swara: dare
Laksh: go to Raj uncle and Simran aunties room and draw moustache and a big mole on their faces okay?
Swara: fine I will do it…
She gets up and goes to their room and silently drew on their face and came back out from their room silently…

Sid gives high five to Swara…

They spin the bottle it lands on Laksh…

Sid: truth or dare?
Laksh: dare
Sid: I dare you to kiss Ragini passionately in front of us
Laksh: I don’t mid but would Ragini agree
Roshini: what type of dare is this have some same
Sid: nope he as to do it
Ragini: okay I agree
Laksh: okay are you guys ready? :p
Ragini nods…
Laksh leans and kisses her… they actually made it passionate and they continued it for at least 10 mins and got disturbed by Sid’s voice and moved apart….

To be continued…

sorry for another short one forgive me please xx

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  1. nice but to short next part soon

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      thank and will do xx

  2. Hahahaha wt a dare… superb part dear…raglak rockss 😉 😉

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  3. Akshata

    awesome but too short, pls make it little longer

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      thank you and i will try too as i am busy this week and next week i will update though xx

  4. Sindhura

    Open romancws wahhh

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  5. Astra

    Nice??…..but want a long update dear….

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  6. Superb episode dear

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      thank you ammu xx

    1. Shana98

      thank you megha xx

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  7. SPP

    But short
    Please make it a bit long

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      Thank you and will do

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