RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 22)


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Simran: I’m sorry beta it was all a prank
Laksh: Aunty why did you give it away I wanted to see her reaction…
Ragini gives him a death glare…

Laksh: don’t look at me like that I just wanted to see if you agree with me…
Ragini: so did you get your answer now?
Laksh: yes, I did… Sorry (he hold his ear, look very cute)
Sid: enough guys lets go home we need to arrange for their 5th anniversary party…
Ragini: what’s the need we getting engaged tomorrow
Simran: well we do need to celebrate it’s is quite a long time
Shekar: yes, they are right
Dp: now let’s go and prepare for the party and got tomorrow’s engagement
All: ok

Scene changes to

The Maheshwari Mansion…

Everyone is preparing for the party and not letting Ragini do anything as she is weak and also Laksh and they don’t want both of them to see anything as it should be a surprise for the both, so they are in Laksh’s room…

Laksh’s room…

Laksh: (talking the baby in Ragini’s womb): hey, my Princesses I just can’t wait for both of you’s to come out and to play with you… don’t give you mother so much pain or any issues as I will not be able to bare anything if she is hurt and if you both are hurt it will hurt both of your parents… so take care in there also I will feed you mother so much that it will be enough for two of you and also she is going to be eating the food for 4 people… tell me if it’s not enough I will give more okay?
Ragini: LAKSH!!! Really I will not be eating the food for 4 people… and who said that it’s going to be girls its going to be boys and also if you’re with me nothing will hurt me… I love you (kisses his forehead) actually I would want it to be one boy and one girl…
Laksh: I love you too (kisses her back) yes that’s a good idea… I would have tried for a boy and girl but unfortunately its girls so sorry next time baby
Ragini: how do you know that’s it’s just girls? And really next time how many are you expecting after these two babies…
Laksh: I just know and I tried for girls… :p and I am expecting 1 more… how many do you want?
Ragini: I want 10 more (winks at him)
Laksh: OMG!!! Really I don’t mind, as I have a very beautiful wife who turns me on so I would not mind having this many babies they all will be our love (winks at her)
Ragini gets shy
Ragini: Chee Laksh
Laksh what Chee Laksh you’re the one who said you want 10 children
Ragini: I was joking

Laksh: but I am not I want 10, even know your turning me on but I am just controlling my self
Ragini: who told you to control yourself
Laksh: are you testing my patience?
Ragini: laughs and starts acting naughty
Laksh: Ragini stop otherwise there will be consequences
Ragini: what type of consequences?
Laksh: okay know I can’t handle myself (he walks toward her)
Ragini: Laksh I’m sorry please stop I would turn you on
Laksh: you asked for it so you have to face it now
Ragini: please sorry, sorry

Laksh walks towards her looking at her in a devious way… they walk back when Ragini hits her back on the wall and Laksh comes closer and come to kisses her on her forehead then he kisses her on her cheeks and then her lip the kiss lasted for more than 5 mins they broke because on the lack of air they got… he was really turned on that he picked her up and placed her on the bed and was about to do something 😉 just then someone knocked on their door….

To be continued…

Sorry guys if it is boring…

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