RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 21)


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Ragini: it wasn’t only his fault I agreed to him and it happened on our anniversary it was our 5th anniversary on the 26/07 so he arranged something romantic and everything just happened all of a sudden…
Swara: really with was your 5th anniversary and you didn’t tell us
Sid: yes, and you didn’t tell we need to celebrate
Roshini: let’s have a party today?
Sanskar: yes, okay I will do all the arrangements

Simran: GUYS listen what if I say no to the marriage?
Laksh: this marriage would not happen if even one of the family member is not happy with it…
Ragini: yes, Laksh is right…
Sid: then how about the baby?
Roshini: ma what are you saying what don’t you agree I mean; why don’t you want this marriage to happen?

Ragini: I will go far away from this place and bring up my son/daughter I will never come back here… I will just live with the love me and Laksh made…
Sid: Ragini how could you say that didn’t you think about the people who care about you? Well forget the others did you think about me… don’t you know how much I love you and do you think I can live without you in my life?
Simran: I just don’t want this marriage e to happen I don’t like it… Raj ji what do you say?
Raj: yes, we don’t this to happen

Sid: dad you too? Why?
Ram: yes, I agree with them I don’t want this to happen either…
Sujatha: why should we get them married
Adarsh: mom what are you all saying do you know how much effort we put in to get RagLak married??
Pari: what are you all doing this for?
Simran: because we do not want this marriage happen?
Shekar: but why?

Ragini: that’s fine papa leave it…
Laksh: okay everyone this marriage will not happen as some of our family members are not happy with it.
Ragini: yes, Laksh I agree, now everyone don’t get upset about my decision I am leaving the house…
Laksh: with teary eyes: I am leaving too but not with Ragini but I am going somewhere else… we are going separate… so no one look for us please and one more thing if there is no Ragini in my life there will be no one else…

Ragini: with teary eyes: goes and hugs him and says thanks you for accepting my decision…I will always love you no matter what and our child will be with me I will always tell him or hr about how their father was…

Just then Ragini faint and falls in Laksh’s arms every one panicked and took her to the hospital… the doctor came out of the ward after checking Ragini…

Doc: who’s her husband?
Laksh: me…
Doc: can you come in to my cabin please… I need to tell you something about the baby…
Laksh gets worried: yes, doc
They go in to the office and Doc tells Laksh something he came out of the doctor’s cabin with a sad face…

Sid: what happen to her?
Laksh: (he doesn’t say anything)
Mishti: Laksh tell us what is it…
Laksh: still say nothing

There was no answer… just then Simran come to him and slaps him…
Laksh: …
Simran: what happen to my Rago tell me?
Laksh: picks Simran up and spins her: p Says… I’m going to I mean Me and Ragini are going to have twins…
Sid: you sacred me stupid idiot…
Roshini: so we have a double promotion… we are going to become aunty and uncle again?? YES…
Swara: then why did you come out sad?
Laksh: I wanted to scare you all 
Ap: you, sill boy we got scared for a minute
Raj: me too if anything happened to her I would I have hated myself
Simran: me too
Sujram: us too

Everyone one was shocked by hearing them say that

Shekar: what is this…? I thought you guys didn’t want RagLak’s wedding to happen
Dp: yes, what is happening you all?
Simran: sorry Bhai us four made a plan to tease you guys saying that we don’t want this marriage to happen but all this happened…

Sid: ma this was not a joke did you see both Laksh and Ragini took their decision to leave us I would have hated you to the core
Simran: yes, beta, I know that their love is strong I’m sorry…
Laksh: it’s okay aunty… let’s just keep this drama up telling Ragini that you do not want this wedding okay you all do not tell her okay?
All: Okay

Laksh goes in to the ward where Ragini was admitted, he goes and hugs her and cries
Ragini: what happen lucky? What are you crying
Laksh: we are going to have twins
Ragini: really? (she hugs him, she is so excited and kisses him cheeks) this happiness you gave me is enough for me for the rest of my life…
Laksh: why are you saying this…
Ragini: because Simran ma and Raj pa don’t want us together so doesn’t Sujatha bade ma and Ram Bade papa
Laksh yes, I know but I can’t live without you… can’t we stay together?
Ragini: no Laksh I do not want to disrespect them…

Laksh: okay we will leave but one thing once the babies are born I want one of my child is that okay with you?
Ragini: yes, that’s fine with me I can’t be selfish and just keep the children with me can I?

Everyone comes in, they are all happy…

Sid: (picks Ragini up and spins her) I am so happy
Simran: Sid leave her…
Ragini: Bhai my head is spinning leave me
Sid: sorry I am so excited…
Roshini: so are we Sid your just too excited
Sid: obviously Roshini don’t you know how much I love Ragini…
Roshini: yes, but I don’t think even Laksh is so hyped like you… I don’t think that you will be so happy to have your own children…

Sid: of course I will but Ragini’s children would be one step ahead…
Roshini: gives him death glare and smiles… I know you love your sister so much but give her some moments to share with her husband to be…… (she bites her tongue and forget that she shouldn’t have said it)
Ragini: Bhabhi what do you say?
Roshini: nothing
Swara: oh hello Sid Bhai remember that you also have another sister…
Sid: but Ragini is one step ahead of you (shows his tongue to her as a joke…)
Swara: gives a cute pouted face
Sid: okay okay sorry … now let’s take her home…
Simran: yes, let’s go home
Ragini: I am not coming

Sid: why
Mishti: what happened
Shekar: no beta you have to come with us
Ap: why? Ragini you are weak you can’t go anywhere
Dp: Yes, Ragini, Ap is correct you are carrying two lives in you
Ragini: papa and ma but me and Laksh can’t stay together how can I live with everyone……
Simran: I’m sorry beta it was all a prank
Laksh: Aunty why did you give it away I wanted to see her reaction…
Ragini gives him a death glare…

To be continued…

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