RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 19)


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Everyone laughed…

Dp: Shekar I’m sorry?…
Shekar: Dp I’m sorry

Dp: can you all stop laughing now….
Shekar: huh yes, stop laughing
Sid: you both act really well
Laksh: yes, Bhai you said correctly their acting is really good
Sanskar: you both can stop acting now you know
Ragini: yes, papa and Uncle you can stop acting
Swara: you both act really well where did you learn this?
Roshini: papa and uncle you both know that it was our plan to get you both acting
Sid: so what we did was we all went to both of you and told you the exact same plan…


Ragini: so know what do we do we told papa
Sid: know we will tell Dp uncle the same plan
Adarsh: but wouldn’t the plan flop if we tell both of them???
Pari: yes, Sid isn’t it going to mess things up?
Roshini: no Bhabhi, it would not mess anything because they both wouldn’t know that we have told both of them
Adarsh: ohh I get it know…
Ragini: that’s a great idea… okay who’s going to call Dp uncle now?
Sanskar: let Adarsh Bhai and Parineeta Bhabhi call papa
Parish… calls Dp ……
And tells him the plan and he agrees just like Shekar…

Swara: okay so know we have to wait for the right time…
Sid: yes

Flash back ends…

Roshini: so know do you understand why we did this
Shekar: yes, Roshini Beta I can’t even believe we have been so childish about the stupid contract and the loss, I’m sorry for hurting everyone’s feeling I am truly very sorry, especially Ragini and Laksh…
I think we should get them two married asap… so no one knows that she was Pregnant with getting pregnant… What do you say DP?
Dp: Yes, I’m sorry too all of you too, and yes, I agree with Shekar we will arrange for the engagement and then the wedding after a few weeks yes?
Ap: that’s what I was going to say
Mishti: I agree too and also there wouldn’t be one engagement but 2…
Sid: who’s the next couple?
Roshini: yes, ma who?
Mishti: Sanskar and Swara…… (she shocks everyone) I know you guys are shocked but the two have been dating… without us knowing

Dp: Sanskar??? Is it true? (holding his ear)
Sanskar: yes, papa how do you know aunty?
Mishti: I know everything…
Swara blushes and runs away

Shekar: how about their wedding let’s do it with RagLak?
Mishti: no, because let Swara finish her studies she only has 1 more years to finish so let her finish that and then we will talk about their marriage?
Ap: huh yes, Bhabhi is right there being no hurry for them two… let’s just focus on RagLak for now and get them married first
Dp: okay then two engagements’ then… when shall we fix the engagement…
Two days after?
Shekar: yes, that’s fine then?
Ap & Mishti: yes

Everyone is happy that the family is together again… and happily hugs each other…

Ragini’s room…

Rags: Laksh I’m really happy
Lucky: so am I
Rags: you know I actually thought dad and Uncle wouldn’t compromise you know
Lucky: but nothing like that happen no… so don’t worry Baby
Rags: yes, I’m so happy and stop calling me baby it’s weird
Lucky: no I will not stop call you baby, baby
Rags: so I will call you baby too, lucky baby, I love you
Lucky: okay I don’t mind; I love you too baby
Rags: so I’m going to name my prince Jaydan how does this sound?
Lucky: err who said that is going to be a boy it’s a girl my princess I’m going to name her Sarah…

Rags: no, girl
Lucky: no, boy
Rags: no, girl
Lucky: no, boy
Rags: no, girl
Lucky didn’t say anything he came close to Ragini lovingly rags moved back as she was tensed if anyone comes in to the room, they move back till rags hit the wall as Laksh comes close to her they were an inch apart from each other…
Rags: in a husky voice: LLL…aaak…sssh wh…aaa…ttt are you doing?
Lucky: what does it look like?
Rags: stop Laksh any one came come in
Lucky: no I will do anything with you as you are my wife to be
Rags: s……
Just then a pair of lips were on hers… Ragini was shocked but then they were too into the kiss, they started kissing passionately… they kept going on for more than 3 minutes.
Then Mishti walked in to the room and saw them… she cleared her throat…
All of a sudden RagLak moved back…
Rags: Ma
Lucky: Ma
Mishti: what are you guys doing?
Rags: nothing
Lucky: we were just talking
Mishti: it didn’t look like you were talking
Rags: ma, okay you saw what we were doing…
Mishti: can’t you guys wait for after marriage and remember your pregnant
Lucky: sorry ma…
Rags: okay ma sorry we’ll take care
Mishti: shall we leave let’s go down stairs
Lucky: yes, ma lets go…

Scene changes too
RoSid room:

Roshini: Sid I’m so happy, now everything is fine and our little angel is going to get married soon
Sid: I know and I can’t wait for their child to be born soon…
Roshini: I know…
Sid: so don’t you want your own child?
Roshini: Sid I know what you’re planning it’s not going to happen know everyone’s here.
Sid: why can I you my wife I can do anything to you who can ask…
Roshini: Sid stop behave yourself later tonight I promise…
Sid kisses her on the lips just then someone knocks on their door it was Ap…
Ap: come down stairs, some people are here to see you
Roshini: coming ma
Sid: we’ll come you go aunt…
Ap: okay but hurry up…

To be continued……

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