RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 17)


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Lucky: I love you so much Papa
Shekar: smiles: I love you too son come here
He hugs him
Ragini got happy that Shekar accepted Laksh… even after the problem but he always like Lucky…

They all plan what to do and when to do this…

Days passes everyone is tensed as no one has made an attempt to talk neither Shekar or Dp…
Dp want to talk to Shekar but he is worried about what Shekar might say to him…

Dp decided to meet Shekar after two days……

Leap of two days……

Dp goes to Shekar’s Mansion…

Doorbell rings ……

Mishti goes to see who was at the door and see Dp standing there…… and tells him to come in… Dp hesitates to go in but he has to go so that he can sort the misunderstanding out…

Dp comes and sits on the sofa talking to Mishti about where Shekar is and she said they he has gone out to the office but his on his way… then Sid comes in and starts talking to Dp…
Sid: Vanakam (Hello) how are you, uncle?
Dp: I’m fine, you?
Sid: I’m fine too

Dp: when did you come here?
Sid: we came here 2 weeks ago
Dp: we? Oh so Roshini Beta is here too?
Sid: Yes, uncle she is
Dp: so you didn’t have time to come visit your uncle huh?
Sid: it’s not like that uncle Shekar papa told us about your misunderstanding and that both the families do not talk anymore so I thought if I came and visited you, I thought that you will tell us to get out so I was scared to come and visit you uncle…
Dp: sorry Beta I never knew this fight or this misunderstand will bring the whole family a loss and a reason for people to get scared of me… 
They carried on talking…

when Ragini and Swara saw him and thought what was he doing here at their house…

Ragini: I think we should phone Laksh or Sanskar and inform that Uncle Dp is at our house and execute the plan
Swara: yes, we should so what shall I call or are you going to call?
Ragini: I’ll call Lucky

Rags called Lucky…

Rags: hello Lucky
Lucky: Yes, tell me baby…?
Rags: Baby? Really lucky?
Lucky: yes, baby, your carrying my baby so why not
Rags: oh stop it

Swara (to rags): come on stop fighting you two and tell him what you need to tell him hurry
Rags: OH yes, Lucky your days at our house
Lucky: WHAT?????
Rags: YES, so it’s time for us to execute our plan
Lucky: Ask Sid Bhai first and them message Papa that my dad’s at your house and to be ready to act…
Rags: Okay Lucky bye…
Lucky: Bye baby… I love you
Rags: I love you too… mwah bye…

They hang up on the call and then Ragini messages Sid if they should execute the plan …

Conversation with Sid (sweetheart):

Rags: Bhai should we execute the plan?
Sid: yes, I think it’s the right time to execute the plan…
Rags: okay Bhai I will message Papa to get ready to act and you message him too so that he is clear of what he is doing…
Sid: okay I will and you too see you honey…
Rags: bye sweetheart… 

Conversation with Papa:

Rags: Papa Dp uncle is here so we are going to execute our plan today as it is a good chance so be ready…
Shekar: okay beta, Sid also told me thank you, bye
Rags: Bye papa goodluck…

Shekar enters his Mansion…

To be continued…

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