RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 15)

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Sid: now we have to make a plan
Roshini: what are you going to do?
Sid: I’m going to message everyone to meet at the park… including Parish


At the park…

Sid: Hey guys
All off them together: Hey Sid
Roshini: oh look mother and father to be are here do you know how excited I am to be an aunty for the too I love so much and the ones who grew up in front of my eye
(RagLak both shy)
Lucky: thank you Bhabhi
Ragini: thank you Bhabhi
Swara: I can’t wait to play with the baby
Sanskar: same

Adarsh: what do you guys what a Boy or a Girl?
Parineeta: Guys stop pressuring them
Sid: alright guys enough of teasing them lets plan something out to get uncle and Papa to talk and sort this problem out
Roshini: why don’t we get on of our family members that is close to Dp uncle or Papa to act with us and say they had and accident or something?…
Ragini: that’s a good idea or we can actually make papa or Dp uncle to act with us?
Roshini: that’s even better?… what do you think Sid?
Sid: yes, that’s a good idea we can try that
Lucky: but will they actually agree to our plan
Sanskar: which one of our parents are more capable of acting?

Swara: Papa is
Adarsh: yes, she’s right Shekar uncle is his much better and he will accept acting with us
Parineeta: yes, we’ ask him…
Lucky: someone call him now and tell him to come here and meets us…
Ragini: I’ll call him

Ragini calls Shekar…

Ragini: Papa…
Shekar: yes, Ragini tell me
Ragini: actually papa can you meet me at the park I need to talk to you about something……
Shekar: okay beta I’m coming……

To be continued…


  1. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb
    Loved Raglak and the teasing towards them
    Make it a bit long
    Waiting for the next one………..

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