RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 14)

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In the ward…

Rags: what happen? What did the doc say?
Lucky: hugged her and said: that your pregnant…
Rags: in happy tear and hugging him: Lucky this is our love I can’t get rid of it for any reason even for our families I will not get rid of this child inside me
Lucky: don’t say that do you think I will let go of you as your bearing my child inside you I will always be with you no matter what happen…
As all the family members are shocked and looking at each other…
One side their happy about the child but on the other side they are not happy…

Everyone has gone to their respective houses

The Gadodia Mansion

Mishti: how could you do this to us Ragini
Ragini: Because I love him…
Roshini: Ma don’t shout at her she needs love not hate towards her right now
Sid: Yes, ma don’t say anything to her it’s not her fault that Papa and Dp uncle have got in to a misunderstanding… she loves him ma
Shekar: yes, she loves him but what can I do I am going to talk to Dp about this and then if it works we’ll get them married or otherwise she will have to abort the child in her
Swara: Papa how could she do that that’s the symbol of jiju’s and Ragini’s love…
Mishti: Jiju?
Swara: yes, if Ragini marries Lucky then his my Jiju???
Ragini: Ma and Papa please understand I am not going to abort this child in any cost this the symbol of mine and Laksh’s love what makes you think I would get rid of this child???
Sid: I will stand by my angel Ragini any time
Roshini: so will I
Swara: so will I

Shekar: Okay, Okay I will speak to Dp… and try and sort this thing out between me and him…?
Mishti: Please Shekar make sure you don’t make any more mess its bout daughters life actually you know what I will come with you when you go and speak to Dp Bhai
Ragini: if anything happens and there is a situation that make me leave this place I will do it for the unborn child inside me and Laksh will support me.
Sid: and I will be with you in every step of your life…
Ragini: Hugs him: thank you Bhayia
Swara, Roshini also joins them in the hug

In the Maheshwari Mansion…

Ap: why did you do this Laksh?
Dp: how could you betray us?
Lucky: I did not betray you I made love with the girl I am in love with
Sanskar: his right, just because you and Shekar uncle do not talk and have a misunderstanding why should we suffer?
Adarsh: Bade Ma and Papa I think their right they should get some freedom to do what they like and as we know Ragini and Lucky both love each other so we can’t really stop them their love grew up with them when they were young.
Parineeta: Yes, Adarsh is right Bade ma and Bad Papa you should both talk to Shekar uncle and Mishti ma
Ap: yes, me and your Bade papa will go talk to both Mishti and Shekar Bhai about this

In the Gadodia Mansion…

RoSid: what should we do???

Roshini: I don’t know but you know what I am so happy that I am going to be an aunty and you’re going to be an uncle
Sid: yes, I am so happy but one thing they should have got married first or we should do something and get them married because I don’t think both Papa and Dp uncle wouldn’t compromise anytime soon with each other and the time they will compromise to each other Ragini would have given birth to her child…
Roshini: you know what can you believe that your sister that you looked after and brought her up to knowing this world is going to be a mom…
Sid: I KNOW I CANNOT WAIT I am so excited for her…

RoSid hug each other…

Sid: now we have to make a plan
Roshini: what are you going to do?
Sid: I’m going to message everyone to meet at the park… including Parish



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