RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 13)

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Lucky: do I really have to get dressed (naughtily)
Rags: yes, of course you have to you can’t go outside naked can you? (winked at him)
Lucky: (with a puppy face) Okay
Rags pushes him to the bathroom and told him to hurry as Sid: can call them anytime…

Just then Sid called Ragini

Rags: hello
Sid: come to the park asap
Rags: okay Bhai
They end the call…
Lucky: what happen?
Rags: Bhai wants us at the park asap
Lucky: okay we will go
They left the hotel and went to the park

At the park…

Sid: where are they?
Just then Ragini and Laksh come to the park, they saw SwaSan and RoSid they were thinking what was going on…

Rags: what’s happening Bhai?
Sid: told them everything about what Shekar spoke to him about
Just then… lucky said we heard
Lucky: we dad heard dad say that to Parish
Rags: you didn’t tell me this till now… why is that?
Lucky: I was going to tell Sid Bhai first then tell the others

Swaragini gave both SanLak a death glare

Sid: stop your non sense and we have to make a plan to get them together
Sanskar: why can’t we do business together and get dad and Shekar uncle to make them talk then after obviously they can’t resists not talking to each other and will start talking their heart out.
Sid: that a good idea we will try that out first, so now what should we do get DP uncle to get a good business deal with Papa and then we’ll see how it works…
SwaSan, RagLak, RoSid (together said): yes, okay done…

After couple of days…

Shekar got a good business deal with the Dp which was a good one… he did not want to miss it so he accepted it and so did Dp… their meeting was in a few days’ time so they had to prepare each other…

On the meeting day…
Shekar and Dp greet each other they started talking formally about their contract so they both got the contract and agreed to the all the conditions…

On fine day…

Everyone was in Shekar’s office both families were there as they were having family lunch even though they do not talk to each other they all had lunch together…
All of a sudden Ragini faints everyone was worried they her toot he hospital, both families The Gadodia’s and The Maheshwari’s as all of them were worried about what has happened to Ragini… just then the doctor came out…

Lucky: is everything fine? Is she alright?
Everyone was shocked to see Laksh asking about her and to see his concern as he said he doesn’t love her no more.
Shekar: how is she doctor? What happen to her?
Doc: is she married?
Shekar: No!
Janki: why what happen?
Doc: she’s pregnant

Everyone’s shocked (obviously not Lucky, SwaSan, RoSid they knew it before) Laksh was happy…

Lucky: Really doc thank you 
Ap: Why are you so happy Lucky she’s pregnant and she’s not even married
Lucky: Ma she’s pregnant with my Child
Ap slaps him…
Ap: how did this happen… how could you do this?
Lucky: because we love each other ma
Dp: but how could this happen you both broke your relations in front of us…
Lucky: we didn’t and we got intimate before both the families broke apart…
Saying that lucky left to see Ragini…

In the ward…

Rags: what happen? What did the doc say?
Lucky: hugged her and said: that your pregnant…
Rags: in happy tear and hugging him: Lucky this is our love I can’t get rid of it for any reason even for our families I will not get rid of this child inside me
Lucky: don’t say that do you think I will let go of you as your bearing my child inside you I will always be with you no matter what happen…
As all the family members are shocked and looking at each other…
One side their happy about the child but on the other side they are not happy…

To be continued……

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