RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 12)

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SanLak’s room

Sanskar: did you just hear what I heard?
Laksh: yes, Bhai that’s what I heard too I think we need to tell Swaragini about this……
Sanskar: yes, we should and also tell Sid Bhai as well actually let’s just tell Sid Bhai only for now and tell them later?
Laksh: okay…

The next day morning in the Gadodia Mansion…

Swaragini’s room…

Ragini: Swara guess what I heard last night…?
Swara: what happen? Tell me, Tell me!!!
Ragini: yesterday night I went to get water from the kitchen I heard dad and Bhai talk…
Swara: what were they talking about?
Ragini: dad misses Dp uncle
Swara: then deffo we need to do something about it
Ragini: Bhai said he’ll do something about it
Swara: should we tell SanLak
Ragini: not now though in a few days’ time or we shall ask Sid Bhai and Roshini Bhabhi first
Swara: okay

Just then Sid and Roshini walks in to Swaragini’s room and asked them what they are talking about… Ragini told Sid and Roshini what they were talking about… just then Ragini got a call from Laksh…

Ragini: okay I’ll ask Bhayia and Bhabhi and come
Voice: quickly tell me so I can book a hotel room
Ragini: okay I’ll let you know asap
Voice: okay bye xx
Ragini: bye
Sid: who was that on the phone
Ragini: Bhai it was Laksh
Roshini: what did he say?
Ragini: actually he wants to spend the day with me so he asked me to come out with him…
Sid: do you want to go?
Ragini: nods yes
Sid: okay go
Roshini: we will make an excuse for you to go out or we will can say we all are going out and then you can go with Lucky and we will send the day out with Swara
Swara: yes, that’s a good idea
Sid: yes, okay we’ll do that but then when we call you will have to come and meet us there so that we can come home together
Ragini: Thank you Bhai, Bhabhi hugs and kisses them on their cheeks
Ragini Phone Lucky and tells him that they said okay and we can go out…

Sid and Roshini makes and excuse to Shekar and Janki to go out and then RagLak met in some park and Lucky took Ragini to the place where he planned a surprise for her…

In the Hotel…

Ragini was blind folded and when Laksh took the Blind fold off Ragini she was really excited about it…

Ragini: (hugs Lucky very tightly) Lucky I Love you so much
Lucky: I Love you more than anything
Ragini: when did you plan this?
Lucky: do you remember this date?
Ragini: confusingly nods no
Lucky: it is 26/07 this is the date when I proposed to you in front of our families that I loved you and it’s been 5 years and it’s our 5th anniversary (gives her a ring) (he make her wear the ring…)
Ragini: (getting emotional) oh Laksh you remembered sorry forgive me please It was an accident (holding her ear)
Lucky: you are so cute; how can I be angry at you?
Ragini: aww lucky, so what are we going to do?
Lucky: stay here and enjoy just the both of us.

Laksh walks closer to Rags as she walks backward (their heart are beating fast) Rags walk back when she stopped as she couldn’t walk more back because of the cupboard behind her… Lucky walks towards her still he holds her waist and tells her, how beautiful she looks today and get even closer to her. She tries to move but he pinned her to the cupboard was about to kiss her she pushed him away and moved but he hold her hand and asked her…

Lucky: where is the kiss you promised me yesterday
Rags: gets shy and says: when did I say that?
Lucky: you cheat you promised me a kiss yesterday and you’re not giving me one?
Rags: Lucky, okay whatever you want

She walks towards him and kisses him on the cheeks

Lucky: that’s not where I asked you to kiss me
Ragini: you said I said I’ll kiss you so I did
Lucky: that is not where I asked you to kiss me
Ragini: then?
Lucky: on my L…

Then all of a sudden he felt her lips on his and opened his eyes really wide as he did not expect this from her and they started to kissed passionately. They moved back because of the lack of oxygen they got…
Laksh picked her up and put her on the bed and started kissing her everywhere her neck, head, cheeks, lips… then her looked at her for her permission so he could proceed… her gave him permission with her eye as he understood that she gave him permission to proceed…
The first unzipped her dress from the back and kissed her back, then her shoulders… then all over her body…
He then undressed in self… now Rags was on top of Lucky she kissed his neck his forehead then all over his body…
As they carried on, they got intimate… They stopped after 1 or 2 hours they slept in each other’s embraces… Ragini just then realised the time she got dressed, she woke Lucky up too and told him to get dressed…

Lucky: do I really have to get dressed (naughtily)
Rags: yes, of course you have to you can’t go outside naked can you? (winked at him)
Lucky: (with a puppy face) Okay
Rags pushes him to the bathroom and told him to hurry as Sid: can call them anytime…

Just then Sid called Ragini

Sid: …

To be continued…

Sorry guys there was not update yesterday as it was my brother’s birthday…
I was quite busy so I am so sorry about it…

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