Raglak: wedding plans goes unplanned part 2

The next morning ragini comes to MM.. She greets everyone.
Ap: this is khushi. My to be daughter in law.
Ragini forwards her hand.: hello khushi. Must say you are very cute.
Khushi: thankyou ragini. Well i have heard a lot about you from my friends.. I hope you can justify it.
Ragini: well i will try my best..
Laksh: if you are over with your ladies talks then can we talk work because i have to leave then.
Ragini: in mind: mr. Arrogant.
Laksh: so see i dont want much taam jhaam.. Just a simple sweet wedding.. Thats it.
Khushi: yeah actually.. Although we can afford but i dont find any sense in spending lots of money on these functions.
Ragini: sure! Just tell me about your likes and dislikes.
They discuss for a few hours.
Ragini: well i guess that’s enough for me to know. I promise you to give a perfect wedding album for cherishing.
Khushi: thankyou.
Ap comes there: beta take khushi for coffee.
Laksh: mom whats the need? She can have it here only.
Ap: dont argue. Take her out with you. Spend some time..
Khushi: why not aunty.?lets go laksh.. And ragini why dont you join us?
Ragini looks at laksh and both look away in attitude: no you two go!
Khushi: pleasee.. For me? I am the bride afterall!
Ragini looks at her innocence and says: fine.. Lets go.
They reach ccd
Khushi: you two go sit inside i will come in a minute.
Laksh: fine
They go inside.
Both of them are sitting with their heads engrossed in their phones when ragini decides to break the ice.
Ragini: so laksh why are you not so happy .. If you were the bride i would have understood that you are stressed and sad.. But you are the first groom who is like this.
Laksh: nothing like that! Its just this marriage thing is too early for me! I mean khushi undoubtedly is a great girl but i dont know her you see. And marriage isnt only a ritual for me.. Its something more.. It is like finding a person a confidant who will be by my side . One who could jist look into my eyes and understand everything..
A best friend ., a mother, a teacher..

Ragini: well then i can only say that you can only dream about it!! You see nobody is perfect . And moreover you are doing it with your wish. It isnt like someone has forced you or anything..

Laksh: yes i know that.. Still .. Well forget it.. You tell me about your boyfriend
Ragini: i dont have one!
Laksh: you are lying.. A girl like you must have a boyfriend
Ragini: what do you mean by a girl like me?
Laksh: i mean look at you you are so beautiful! Self dependent, hard working, caring , respectful. Who wouldnt want a girl like you?
Ragini was a bit surprised: looks like someone is very impressed by me.. She winks
He just blushes and turns away.
Ragini: actually i had one . But his thoughts were different and mine were different. It is like love was there but no compatibility.. So you see we mutually decide to part our ways.
Laksh: ohhkk!! And how many marriages have you arranged till now?
Ragini: ummm.. About a 20-25 i guess.
Laksh;: and still so professional. Great job buddy
Ragini is a bit shocked talking to mr arrogant like that but somewhere she feels happy. Laksh too is very impressed by her personality .
They were chatting when khushi came.. Khushi: hello guys
Ragini: where were you? We have finished two coffees..
Khushi: well i guess then that was enough for today. Lets head back home then
Ragini: but you and laksh? You didn’t spend time together!?
Khushi: we will some other day.
Laksh: yeah right lets go.

Laksh: we will drop you home ragini.
Ragini: okay
They leave.
Ragini reaches her home.
Sumi: beta ragini what took you so long? You didn’t even answer my calls.. I was so worried
Ragini checked her phone: ohh i didnt hear it maybe.. I had gone out for coffee with the bride and groom.
Sumi: okay. Now come have dinner..
Ragini: no maa i am full.. I will go now i need to do a lot of work..
She heads to her room: she starts preparing a list of all things.. Then she starts making the bookings..
She searches the net for ideas and she comes across a vase decoration in a wedding and rememberes her first meeting with laksh and smiles.. Then she comes back to her senses: Ragini?? Seriously? Shutup.. He is just a client who is getting married.
She again starts working.

Next day she goes to MM
Ragini: aunty , uncle please come down!
Dp: jii beta bolo
Ragini: uncle i have short listed 2-3 venues you please come and finalise any one of them according to your choice
Dp: i have an important meeting and ap is busy with pandit ji … Ummm why dont you take laksh? Afterall its his wedding..
Ragini: okay.. She goes towards his room.. He has just came out of the shower and ragini enters without knocking and sees him in just a towel.. Both of them shout.. She turns her head.
Laksh: dont you know how to knock,? Idiot girl!
Ragini: you are supposed to lock your doors while changing..
Laksh: fine maam.. Will you please go now? Or are you happy to see me like that?
Ragini: chii yaaa.. I am going come down fast.. We need to go to finalise venue
Laksh: yes

Ragini goes downstairs and starts thinking: ohh god!! He has such a hot body!! He is very handsome

Laksh taps her shoulder
Thinking about me? He winks at her she blushes
Ragini: nothing like that.. Shall we leave?
Laksh shows her way: after you maam..
Ragini smiles and they leave.

Precap: not yet decided

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Credit to: Ananya


  1. Ruhani

    Superb dr.. Hahaha they r getting closer day by day.. I loved it totally can’t wait for the nxt epi

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