Raglak: wedding plans go unplanned ( part 9)


Hey!! I am back after a very long time.. I hope you all didnt forget me..

It was the haldi and mehendi ceremony. Ragini was busy instructing everyone.the ceremony had started and guests were coming.
Ap: bring haldi sujata!!
Sujata: yes jijii! Coming
Everyone applies haldi to laksh.
Ap: now we need to send some of the haldi applied to him for khushi.. Its good for their married life.
Laksh thinks: before they do this i need to apply some haldi to ragini..
Laksh: i will come in a minute..
He goes to the terrace and sees ragini passing by. He intentionally hurts his hand by iron rod and shouts for help.. Ragini comes running.
Ragini: are you mad? Cant you see and work!? What were you doing with this rod?
Laksh: firstly i am hurt and on top of that you are shouting.. Please do something there is a lot of blood coming.. She looks around but finds nothing..
Laksh: stop searching for first aid in this terrace .. Haldi acts as a good medicine.. Else i will get infected

Ragini: ohh yess wait..
She takes some haldi from his arms and applies it on his palm.. Laksh smiles looking at her..
Ragini: what are you smiling at?
Laksh: nothing.. I told you na you ll come running to apply me haldi see i did it..
Ragini: you cheat!! This is unfair.. And btw mr. I would have done the same for any stranger. No need to give yourself so much importance.
Laksh holds her from her waist and grabs her close. He applies haldi from his cheeks on her cheek and then kisses her on the same cheek..
Ragini jerks him off: laksh i had told ypu to stay away right? We cant do this.. I cant be yours. Please forget me.. She leaves crying..

Precap: not decided

Guys i had thought that i would end this soon as people are loosing interest. Please do read! Thankyou

Credit to: Ananya

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