Raglak: wedding plans go unplanned ( part 8)

Its early morning. Full fledged preparations are going on.
Ap: kaka! Yahan phool lagane ko kaha tha na.. Aap kya kar rhe ho?(i asked you to decorate this area with flowers what are you doing?)
Kaka: jii memsaab abhi karte hai(yes maam i ll do it right now)
Sanskar: lucky!! Come down naa.. We have to go pick your clothes from the store
Laksh: bahi you go. I am very tired

Sanskar: fine..
Laksh comes down with a sad face: maa what is the need for all these rituals? You know i don’t believe in all this.
Ap: they are important for me. Cant you do this much for me?
Laksh: not again.. This emotional blackmail.. Fine i am going to take a shower
Swara: maa i will be back.. I have some important work.
Swara leaves for khushi’s house.
She enters and says: namastey! I am swara laksh’s bhabhi. I am here to take khushi for some shopping. I have to buy a gift for her so its better that she chooses it.
Mrs. Thakur: wait! Khushii!!! Come down. See who is here.
Khushi comes down: ohh hii bhabhi.. So early morning?
Swara: yaa please come i have to buy you a gift..

Khushi: no need bhabhi
Swara: please for me?
Khushi: okay. Lets go
They leave and after doing some shopping they go to a coffee shop. Swara intentionally spills coffee on khushi’s dress..
Swara: oh i am so sorry
Khushi: no problem bhabhi i ll be right back

She leaves. Swara picks up khushi’s phone and messages rajat to come to the cafe.
After a few minutes rajat arrives there and swara goes from the table making and excuse. Rajat comes near khushi and khushi is shocked
Khushi: what are you doing here? I had told you na stay away for 2-3 days..
Rajat: what you only messaged me to come
Swara: no mr. It was me who had messaged you.
Both khushi and rajat get shocked

On the other hand ragini is sitting in her room
Sumi: dont you have to go for the haldi function? They must be waiting for you.
Ragini is having tears in her eyes: maa i want to tell you something.. She tells exactly what happened till now.
Sumi: thank god!
Ragini: i am upset here and you are saying thank god?
Sumi: no actually i thought since you are not dating any guy you might be interested in girls.. But finally
Ragini: mom its not a time to joke
Sumi: see ragini i know what you mist be going through right now.
You have two options. Either tell it to his family or you forget him.

Love is a wonderful feeling but it is very painful too. I have always supported you and this time too i am with you for whatever you choose. Think twice before choosing.
Ragini: i love you maa.. I always have done the right and today also i think its better i forget him and move on. Its not about right or wrong this time. Its about the values you all have given me and it does not teach me to rest my happiness over someone’s sadness

Sumi: go ahead.. She kisses her on forehead
Ragini: i will go now maa

Here swara comes and slaps khushi.
Swara: how can you stoop so low khushi? If you love someone how can you play with someone’s feelings? Maa treats you just like her own daughter.. There laksh is sacrificing his love for your happiness and you are busy here meeting with you boyfriend and palnning to elope with him?
Didnyou for once think about what will happen to your family my family after this?
If you had loved somebody then you should have told.
Khushi starts crying: i would have told long back but you dont know dad. He had told me that for him his prestige in the society is most important. And he has promised to dp uncle about this marriage and now i cant step back. I too cant do anything.
Swara: do you really love each other?
Rajat: yes bhabhi! We truly love each other.
Swara: fine then. Follow whatever i say..

Rest of their conversation is muted.

Ragini reaches mm at the same time as swara does and they hug each other.
Swara: ragini now no okne can separate you and laksh i am soo happy
Ragini: what do you mean bhabhi? Let me make it clear..i am not involved in any of your plans. I dont want to be with laksh
Swara: butt
Before she could say anything ragini leaves.
She runs towards laksh and sanskar and tells them her plan.
Laksh is very happy and starts jumping..
Laksh: now this ragini is showing attitude na.. Let me tell her..
He goes near her laksh: ragini you know what they say? If boy applies haldi to a girl then this shows their love

Ragini: laksh i am not interested in all this. You go from here..
Laksh: just wait ms. Attitude.. You will come running behind me to apply haldi.. Just wait and watch .. He winks at her and goes away.
Precap: not decided yet

I hope you all like it. Thankyou all for your valueable comments. Keep reading. And yes please do comment. Keep guessing what would happen next.

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