Raglak: wedding plans go unplanned ( part 7)

Hello everyone! Here is the next part.
Sanskar: lucky. You are ready for tonight? Afterall this is your last party as a bachelor.
Laksh: yes bhai. But still i dont feel like going anywhere.
Sanskar: i dont want to hear any excuses. I want you to be ready by 9.00 pm.. We have beautiful girls coming there.
Laksh: more than me you are excited for this.. I must go and tell swara bhabhi.
Sanskar: do you want me to be killed at this tender age?
Laksh: drama king! I will be ready.
On the other hand swara khushi and ragini have gone for shopping..
Swara: see i want my to be bahbhi to wear something of my choice.. Is it okay with you ragini.?? Ohh sorry. I mean khushi?
Khushi: haa bhabhi. It’s absolutely fine.
They roam around for sometime and finally select a lehenga..
Khushi: now since you have selected it we shall leave i guess?
Ragini : yes its very late..
Swara: okay so we will drop you first then ragini.
Lets go..
They drop khushi at her place..
Swara: do you know ragini today is laksh’s bachelors party and i am pretty sure these guys are upto something.. We must go and have a look..
Ragini: somebody is jealous..
Swara: jealous that too me? Huh.. Sanskar is not an easy guy to impress but laksh is a soft target dear.. Now do you think we shall make a move?
Ragini: haa .. Lets go lets go..
Swara: ohoo so much hurry..come
They leave for the pub in which bachelors party is hosted..
Bouncer: sorry madam you cant enter.. Its a boy’s party and you are not allowed inside..
Ragini: arre butt
Swara deags her from there
Ragini: where are you taking me? Till now you knly were interested in going
Swara: he wont let us in.. Wait i have a idea..
After sometime some girls wearing face masks enter the pub.. They start dancing and some of laksh’s friends take them away.. Laksh and sanskar are busy talking and drinking..
Then two more girls come(yes they are swaragini)
Swara first dances on le le maza le wearing a kaftan on her mouth.. She goes near sanskar and starts dancing.. Sanskar is blown away by her beauty.. She drags him closer and takes him away..
Now ragini starts dancing on aa zara (murder 2)
She firstly ties laksh with ropes and starts dancing.. Laksh doesn’t quite like it but then he looks at her hand and she us wearing the ring which was guven by him to ragini..
He understands that it is ragini and suddenly drags her near him..
Laksh: you know what? Till now i have never seen a girl as beautiful as you.. I love your fragrance.. Your eyes are very expressive and beautiful..
Ragini is very angry hearing all this(she too is wearing a mask)
She shouts at him: how dare yiu mr. Laksh mahehswari? You are such a big liar.. Before this you told the same lines to me.. Cheap.. All guys are cheapsters..before she could say any further laksh kisses her.. She is shocked for a second but then reciprocates..they are lost in each others embrace .. After sometime they leave each other and laksh says: i new that you were ragini all this time.. How can i forget the ring that ive gifted you? You told that you were never going to wear it but now see..
Ragini: actually i thought for remembering you i need to keep this under my eyes therefore i have worn it..
Laksh: hmm..
When suddenly swasan come there
Swara: if you guys are done romancing can we leave now? Its very late
Ragini: oh yes mom must be very worried
Sanskar: you know laksh these girls are the same.. They too enjoy your company but pretend as if they are very busy and dont want all this..
Swaragini are blushing..
Laksh: bhai nevermind. I will drop ragini and come you two go.
Sanskar: okay.

Precap: mehendi and haldi ceremony

I am sorry for making it short but today i can upload only this much since i have guests at my home.
I hope you like it

Here is the link for previous part

Part 6comment-page-1/#comment-1508348 One more thing I would like to know from you all whether i am stretching it too much? Please do tell

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