Raglak: wedding plans go unplanned ( part 6)

Hello guys! I feel like you are loosing interest in this story as i am unable to match up to your expectations.. I am sorry for that but i will try to make it as interesting as i can.

Its evening now and swara and ragini have been talking for hours and they are so open with each other.
Swara: really ragini! I found a sister in you.. I had always wanted one but unfortunately i am single child. I feel like i know you from years. Promise me one thing that you will stay in touch with me even after this marriage.
Ragini: same here swara.. Why not i will..

Sanskar: if you are over with this behen milaap(sister meets) can we please do some work? The jeweller has come for rings and mangalsutra..
Swara: wow i love jewellery.. Promise me sankyy you will buy me a ring..
Sanskar: sure my darling wife.. Why not? Afterall money grows on trees right?
Swara makes a pout face and goes.

They start looking for rings and select many.
Khushi: see i really dont want anything in specific. Whatever you like you can buy.
Ap:but your choice matters..
Khushi: aunty you please ask ragini.. She has a very good choice and moreover i have to leave right now..
Ap: okay fine.
Swara finds khushi’s behaviour suspicious and leaves behind her..
Ragini: aunty i like that one.. Its very simple and sweet.. (She chooses the simplest ring with no heavy work)
Ap: but beta this is too simple for Mahehswari ‘s bahu..
Ragini: then aunty please you look for it yourself as i like only simple stuff she says with her pleasurable smile.
Ap: okay beta.!

She leaves and goes to the guest room(it is given to her for preparations )
She is busy doing her work when suddenly laksh comes from behind and she is shocked.. He locks the door and comes near her.
Ragini: what are you doing Laksh everyone mist be outside what will they think?
Laksh: everyone has gone to the nearby temple. Its only you and me at home..
Ragini: still laksh.. This is wrong.. You forgot what we had promised yesterday?
Laksh: i very well remember.. But i am here to give you this ring which you liked so much.. Keep it as a token for our friendship. I will be glad.
Ragini takes it and says: its not possible for me to wear it laksh. I will be questioned in this society where people are very judgmental about everything a girl does.
Laksh: no need to wear it.. Just keep it with yourself forever. As a memory.
Ragini: fine but then i also need to give you something in return. My mom has always taught me that dont take anything from anyone if you can’t return the favour.. Unmm.. She takes out her chain.. Which has r written on it. You take this.. I dont have anything else to give.
Laksh: thankyou but i dont need this.
Ragini: so even i wont take the ring
Laksh: achaa okay. Give it to me.

Heleaves from there..
Ragini after completing her work starts to move down to leave when suddenly her foot slips and she falls on the staircase.. She is continuously falling down.. When laksh sees her he rushes to pick her up and takes her to the hospital.
He is crying miserably. He calls sanskar and informs him. All come there.
Doctor: does anyone of you have B -ve blood group? She needs it urgently else we might loose her.
Laksh: wait doctor. He goes to everyone near by and asks for blood. But no ones blooad group matches.. Seeing him panick so much ap comes there and says: its okay laksh. She will be fine. Why are you worrying so much?
Laksh: because i… I.. Care for her. She is my friend. I cant loose her…
Swara: wait laksh my blood group is B – ve come lets go.
Laksh: haan please come.

After sometime ragini wakes up
She sees laksh and Sanskar standing beside her and swara laying down across other bed.
Ragini: thankyou all for saving my life. Thankyou swara you really meant what you said about me being your sister.
Swara: i dont need a thankyou ragini. You are my sister now even by blood and she smiles.
When laksh says: thankyiu bhabi for saving my life.. You dont know how much i owe you for this.. I would have died if anything would have happened to her..
Ragini is shocked and laksh realizes what he just said..
Sanskar: i knew it! I was very sure about this. Swara you see..
Swara: yes .. So you both love each other right?
Laksh: no there is nothing like that bhabhi. I am getting married to Khushi
Swara: so what? Love and marriage are two different things.
Dont you love her?
Laksh: yes i do.. We do love each other. But now we cant do anything about it..
Swara: laksh its never too late. You need to tell everyone about this.
Laksh: no bhabi and you have my swear you wont either.. I cant do this to mom and dad. They have always done so much for me. Its time for me to pay them back .
Ragini: yes swara . This is wrong and we both have accepted the fact. Its better not to think about it.
Swara is sad but says nothing. She thinks : I definitely need to find out about khushi now.. She remembers what she saw when she had went behind her
Khushi ran and hugged a guy.. Swara went near them and tried to listen what they were talking .
Khushi: we need to run today rajat… I cant stay with that guy for even an hour..
Rajat: chill baby. We will but first let me complete my work here..
Khushi: okay baby..
Swara is hell shocked listening to their conversation. She thinks: i need to save laksh from her.. This is not at all acceptable.. Flashback ends.
Ragini gets well and is discharged the next day. Wedding preparations continue like that..

Precap: bachelors party ..

I am so sorry for making it boring.. Please do read till the end.. Thankyou all
Here is the link for previous part

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