Raglak: wedding plans go unplanned ( part 5)

Hello! Here is the next part. But before that i would love to thank you all for your support. This is for the first time that i am getting such a response. Please don’t keep supporting and giving suggestions . Go ahead with your guesses lets see who turns out to be right.

Ragini is panicking and she has no idea what to do. Laksh has fallen unconcious and she finds no option . Then she decides to do what she had always seen in movies but had thought it all to be fake and how can it save someone’s life . But today she thought to try it .

She kneels down and moves herself close to laksh.. Then she thinks: is this right? I mean he might think i took advantage of his state(hahahaa..) no ragini. Yiu need to do it. Afterall its his life.. She finally bends forward and places her lips on his and blows in oxygen.. She does it for 3-4 times but laksh doesn’t respond.
She starts tearing and says: no laksh. You cant leave me like that. I cant live without you you are my life.. How can you leave me alone? For the first time in my life i had trusted someone more than myself., i had laughed so loud in your company, you are now my world.. Please wake up and she is crying vigorously..
When she suddenly feels her head being dragged down and this time its laksh who kissed her.. It was a small but very loving one.
She widens her eyes in disbelief.
Ragini: laksh you are fine? Oh god! What all had i thought.. I hate you for this..
She starts hitting him and this time truly..
Laksh: ahh!! Meri maa i am sorry.. I had woke up when you had given me the sweetest breath of my life. He winks at her while she blushes.. But i was waiting for more but what you said i am unable to believe..
Do you really love me?
Ragini: look laksh its like i tried alot staying away from you ignoring you . It wasnt easy for me. But i guess in the situation we are its better for me to keep distance with you. I am sorry i ruined our friendship with this unnecessary and stupid feeling.. (She is controlling her emotions as she doesn’t want him to notice but afterall he too loves her and can understand her silences as well)
Laksh: i love you too ragini! I dont know when,where,how but it just happened. I know its wrong of me to even think such a thing since i already am committed to someone but i just felt like telling it to you once so that i can relieve myself from this guilt.
Ragini: it’s absolutely fine laksh. Both of us know we have no future . Here on we must stay away and try to ignore each other as much as possible.
Laksh: yes. I think so too! But never forget i am always there for you. Whenever you need my help i am just a call away.
Ragini: sure. We will remain best of friends forever.
They hug for one last time to remove all their worries and emotions. They cry bitterly as its the first time both of them have experienced what love is and are now even separated.

Next morning the store opens and all the trial rooms are cleaned when the manager sees laksh and ragini inside .
Manager: maam sir how did you get in here?
Laksh: you idiots! Dint you check your store before closing it? Do you know how much have we suffered because of this? I will sue you for this.
Ragini: calm down laksh. Its not even his fault. Its okay sir. We have to leave now bye.
Manager: i am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you .
Laksh: its okay.
They leave.
Here swasan leave early morning for jogging (as they used to in london)
Swara: hey sanskar i am very excited to meet my sister in law..
Sanskar: me too yaar.. She must be so beautiful. Lucky is so lucky..
Swara fumes in anger: achaa beta? Now you go find someone like her only.
Sanskar goes and hugs her: ohoo! But how can i find someone as cute as my wife? She is so innocent and i love her the most.
Swara smiles and kisses him on his cheek and runs from there when suddenly she bangs into someone.. Swara: i am extremely sorry. Actually i didnt see you coming..
Girl: me too!
Swara: hello i am swara. Swara maheshwari
Girl: i am khushi thakur
Swara: nice to meet you . Both of them part away.
She goes to sanskar and tells him the entire thing just then she remembers: wait sanskar isnt the name of laksh’s bride also khushi thakur? Ohh shit! I am such and idiot.. How did i miss it?
Sanskar: oh yes. Yiu really are getting old swara.
Lets go find her.
They leave in search of her when they see her sitting with a guy on the park bench. He is a young guy almost of her age.. They are sitting hand in hand..
Khushi: rajat you know na i dont want this marriage to happen..
Rajat: yes baby. Dont worry. I ll elope with you before marriage but before that i need to plan everything out.
Khushi: okay baby. I trust you. She leaves from there.
Swara and sanskar couldnt hear their conversation but are sure of something fishy happening ..
Swara: we need to find out the truth else our lucky will be in deep trouble!
Sanskar: yes. For now lets go from here.

They head back home.
Here ragini is thinking about the last night and is very upset but then she remembers what her mom had once told her: its not important to get everything that you like in your life.. What is more important is respecting the beauty of your relationship with it and remaining happy in what you’ve got.

She gets up and says to herself: now you see mr. Laksh maheshwari you will love your wedding. I will leave no stone unturned in making it special for you.

Here swasan reach home. Laksh: hello bhai! I missed you so much . Hii bhabhi how are you?
Swara: finally you have time for us. Enjoying last days of your bachelorhood?
Laksh: yaa sort of!
Sanskar: saale bhabhi pasand kar li aur mujhe bataya bhi nhi(you chose a girl for yourself and didnt even tell me)
Laksh: nothing like that bhai. Actually even i have met her now only.
Sanskar: that i know. But there must be something special in her that you agreed to get married otherwise our laksh is a tough man to please.
Laksh: haha!! Sure..
They talk for some time when ragini comes there..
Laksh: ragini! This is sanskar bhai and swara bhabhi. Bhabhi she is ragini our wedding planner.
Swara: hello. You are really pretty.
Ragini: thankyou for the compliment .
She goes away now just to stay away from laksh as they had promised.
Sanskar: she is really pretty yaar.. I hope i had met her before your bhabhi.. He laughs
Laksh: yes she is .. She is the most beautiful girl i ve ever met.. Not only externally but her heart is also very pure. He says all this looking at her with tears in his eyes.
Sanskar thinks : why is he praising her so much? I need to solve this mystery too.

Khushi comes there and meets everyone. Khushi: oh you are the one i met in park right?
Swara: yaa right.. Looks like my sister in law loves playing hide n seek..
Khushi: what?
Swara: uhh i mean i saw you eating hide n seek when we banged right?
Khushi: oh yes!
Their talks continue. For sometime..

Precap: not decided yet

I hope you all are liking the storyline. I know this part was a little boring but what to do serious parts are also important.. Please keep commenting and supporting. I love you all.
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