Raglak: wedding plans go unplanned ( part 4)


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Hello everyone! Here is the next part.

Raglak are in their respective rooms.
Ragini: what is this happening to me? Why do i feel some cosmic connection when laksh is around me? Why does my heart beat so fast when he is around? Am i in love with him? No this can’t be. I need to clear this shit out of my mind. He considers me only as a friend. He is getting married and thinking these things about our friendship is bad.

Here in laksh’s side: bro? Are you in your senses? She is just another girl. Another girl? Noo. She is special. I ve dated many girls but never have i met someone like her. She is full of life. Enjoys every moment. She can make anyone fall in love with her. Love? Yes i do love her.. And he starts jumping with joy. But then he remembers about his marriage.
Noo.. You cant do this to khushi laksh. It would be really bad of you. You need to respect her dignity.

They both lie on their beds restlessly.

Next day ragini as usual comes to MM.
She enters and laksh is standing beside the door but she ignores him. She directly goes towards the hall.
Laksh is shocked by her move.
Ragini: namaste aunty. The caterers and decorators are on their way. They would be coming anytime.
They decide all the things and menu .

Ap: ragini you are an angel for me! I was so tensed about how will everything happen. But now since you have came everything is perfect. You are great at your work.
Ragini: nothing like that. Its just my passion to see two people who love each other getting into this inseparable bond. I just try to make it a little more special.
She says with a beautiful smile on her face.

It’s evening and laksh and ragini leave for buying clothes.
They reach to a showroom.
Laksh picks up various sherwanis but ragini doesnt like anyone of them..
Finally ragini selects one sherwani for him and asks him to try it. He leaves.

Now ragini randomly starts searching for some lehengas for herself(afterall she would also attend the marriage) .. She picks up a beautiful peach colored lehenga.
She suddenly sees laksh coming out of the trial rrom wearing a cream gold sherwani. She is awestruck. He is looking damn handsome. When he shakes her and asks : how is this ragini?
Ragini: you look good for a change.
Laksh: oh i see .. For a change huh? Thats why that day yiu were starting at my body just like a kid stares at chocolates.
Ragini : umm.. N.no.. Nothing like that.

Laksh: ohk. Then he sees her holding the lehenga and says/: wont you try it?
Ragini: i would have loved to but its late.. We must rush back now.
Laksh: aree you dont worry about that. Just go and try. I ll wait here for you.
Ragini goes inside to change.. After sometime
Ragini: laksh can you please call someone?
Laksh: why ? What happened? Are you okay?
Ragini: yaa i am fine.. I need someone:’s help. I need to zip this blouse up.
Laksh: wait i ll look for someone.
He looks around but finds no girl.
Laksh: ragini actually there is no lady helper here around. So if you dont mind may i help you?
Ragini hesitates a bit but since she has no other option: yaa please come.
Laksh enters and is mesmerised seeiing ragini.
Then he comes near her and starts zipping up her blouse while she looks at him through the mirror and finds out that he has closes his eyes.
Ragini thinks: he is such a gentleman. So respectful.
She then turns around and asks : how do i look?
Laksh takes the dupatta in his hand and places it on her head and says: now you look perfect.
Ragini blushes and says thankyou.

Suddenly they hear shutters getting down. They try to open the trial room but its stuck..
Ragini: hello? Is anyone there? Can you hear us? We are stuck in here. Please help us out.
Laksh: ragini the store is closed. No use shouting.
Ragini: shitt!! If you would have been standing out this wouldn’t have happened.
Laksh: and who needed my help?
Ragini: so you could have called anyone
Laksh: you mean i should have sent any male helper?
Ragini: uhhh.. Umm. Yea.. I dont mind
Laksh just looks away..

After sometime
Ragini: laksh i am feeling thirsty.. I need water..
Laksh: should i dig in a well for you maam?
Ragini: why being so rude?
Laksh: because if you i am stuck here and you are asking me to be calm?
Ragini: see its a mutual fault. Dont blame me..
Laksh: fine. Now we have to stay here for the entire night and since i dont have signal in my phone can we please stay without fighting?
Ragini: fine
They both sit quietly.
After sometime laksh starts coughing.. She loosens his collor and starts breathing heavily.. Ragini gets scared seeing this.
Laksh: ra..ragini i am ch.. Clostrophobic.. I need air..
Ragini: starts panicking : wait.. I will do something . She tries to open the door and look for any sort of help but doesn’t find any.

On the other hand. In MM
Ap: sujata this laksh is not picking up my phone..sujata: he will come jijii.. He is not a kid and anyway he is very choosy so must be taking time.
Ap: yes and he was also telling that he would go to his friends hime after shopping. How could i forget??

Then The bell rings and sujata opens the door:
A young man dashing, and a beautiful girl are standing on the door.
Sujata: mera chora!! Meri chori.!! ( yes its our swasan) she hugs both of them: finally you are here.. Thankgod your brother is getting married else you wouldn’t have come to india. After so long i am seeing you..
Sanskar: mom! How can i forget my love?
Sujata: dont try to flatter me..
Swara: you are right maa. Your son is very good at buttering. First do a mistake and then praise..
Sanskar: haww.! See na badi maa how they both have teamed up against me!
Ap: haye mera bachaa(oh my child)

There talks continue like that..
Swara: by the way where is dulhe raja and my dear dewrani?
Ap: laksh has went for buying sherwani with ragini.
Swara: ohoo bhaiyaa bhabhi spending quality time.
( they dont know her name )
Sujata: no noo.. Ragini is the wedding planner.. The bride is khushi
Swara: oh sorry! I thought .. Nevermind.. Well i want to meet her.
Sujata: yes she will come tomorrow for dance practice.. And ring selection so you meet her then only.
Swara: okay maa! Now we will hi freshen up.
Sujata: okay! Goodnight.

The screen freezes on happy faces of swasan and tensed face of ragini.

Precap: what will ragini do now? How would be the first meeting of swasan and khushi?

Hope you guys liked it!

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Credit to: Ananya

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