Raglak: wedding plans go unplanned (part 12)


Hello guys. Before i begin i would like to tell you that I have written an OS on swasan for a change please donhave a look and comment. http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-insane-loveos/ _____________________________________________Laksh and ragini go in the hall.
Now dj starts playing the songs and everyone is dancing and enjoying. Suddenly slow music starts the lights Are dim. People start dancing as couples. Ap makes laksh and khushi to dance. Ragini is standing alone when randhir comes and asks her for a dance. She agrees and both of them start dancing.
While dancing khushi leaves the stage and goes(as it was decided) leaving laksh all alone.. The same time randhir gets a call and leaves asking permission from ragini. Now simce both of them are alone they start dancing together. Laksh tightly hilds ragini’s waist and she is holding his shoulder.. Both of them dance as if no one is near them in the same way they did during reharsals as if they have known the steps for years.. Perfectly coordinated.. Ragini rests her head on his chest and hugs him tightly.. Her eyes are filled with tears .. She says: laksh i hope this will work for us. Else you promise me that you will fulfill your duties as a husband towards khushi. You wont leave her for me.
Laksh: but raa…
Ragini: please laksh? For me?
Laksh: okay.

On the other hand khushi is waiting for rajat outside the venue holding a suitcase.. She is standing there for an hour now and rajat is not picking her calls. He is neither replying to her messages.
Khushi gets heartbroken and calls swara. Swasan come out
Sanskar: what happened? Why havent you left till now? If we get caught we will be in great trouble.
Khushi: he cheated on me! He is a betrayer.. He never loved me just like other guys.. He was scared of taking the responsibility of his child. I should have known it.. She falls down talking.
Swara: this is not possible.. There might be some misunderstanding. Dont worry he will come
Khushi: swara dont give me false hopes. I know that my life is ruined.but you dont worry.. I wont come in between laksh and ragini. I know they love each other . I wont spoil their lives
Ragini and laksh are hearing it all .

Ragini comes ahead and says: khushi are you mad? I will not allow you to ruin your life. Already that guy has done wrong now i wont let your family face this bad reputation. I want you and laksh to get married. Thats a swear on you for true love.
Khushi: no ragini. What you are doing is not justified.
Ragini: and do you think whatever you are doing is justified? Think of the life you are carrying within yourself. If he doesnt get a name he would question you forever about his father. What will you say then? Its better that you two get married. Even laksh is ready for it.
Laksh: yes khushi. Ragini is correct.. I will marry you. Soon everything will be fine. Dont worry.
Ragini leaves from there in tears and laksh follows her.
Laksh: ragini i know it is hard for you. But i am sure there is something very fishy. I have met rajat and i feel that he cant do anything like that. There is definitely something which we are not able to see. I will look for it.
Ragini: dont talk rubbish laksh. You had promised me to take care od khushi. You wont leave her.
Laksh: i will but before that there are many things to be found out. I will go for now.
Ragini: fine. Bye . Take care. Don’t overthink .
Laksh wait.. She drags him close kisses on his lips and says: maybe this was our last kiss. I will always love you. Bye
Laksh: in mind: no ragini. This wasnt. You wait.
Laksh: bye ragini.
He leaves from there and leaves for Somewhere .

Precap: last part. Truth out.

Hey guys. The next part will be the last one. Please I request you all to comment for atleast once. Thankyou.

Credit to: Ananya

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