Raglak: wedding plans go unplanned (part 11)

Hello guys! Here is the next oart of my ff.

It was early morning when swara was talking with someone over the phone.
Swara: i know khushi it is very difficult for you but if you dont do this you will spoil 4 lives. If you truly live him you have to do this.

Khushi: swara its not easy. You dont know how my father is.. If he comes to know that i am pregnant he would kill me and this child.
Swara: khushi relax! You need to face it. Just be ready today evening. Rajat will come and pick you up amidst the sangeet ceremony. You both elope and get married. After that they will have to accept you.
Khushi: okay swara.. You are right. I need to gather courage..
Swara: good.. Now bye.. Meet you soon.
Khushi: bye.

Here on the ither hand ragini was sleepless all night. Her eyes were swollen which clearly showed how much she had cried.
Sumi: raguuu beta get ready.. Dont you have to go for sangeet?
Ragini: haa maa.. Coming..
She goes to take a shower and leaves for MM
Ap: ragini why are you so late beta?? Dont you know you have to make us revise the steps.. The choreographer has gone naa.. And yes you had promised me that you will dance too.
Ragini: i am sorry aunty.. Yes i remember that.
Ap: good now.
Laksh: maa can you please help me out? I need to buy a gift for my belived wife khushi. I am not able to think of anything
Ragini is deeply hurt by hearing these words from his mouth but then she thinks . This i what you wanted right? You were the one who forced him to stay away. Now let him move on . Dont stamd in his way.
Ap: ohoo.. Someone is being very romantic? I would have helped but laksh you see i dont know what today’s girls like. Maybe you can take ragini for this.
Laksh: sure. Ragini ji will you please help me?
Ragini: um..ha..haaan kyu nahi.(yes why not)

Laksh: great then come with me. He takes her to a jewellery store. He asks her to choose something good. She selects a plain bracelet with a pearl in it.
Laksh: ohh thankyou miss ragini. You are really good at your profession.
Ragini: had tears in her eyes: welcome

Laksh in mind: i know ragini its hurting you alot but i cant help it. If i dont do this you will never understand that you too love me more than anything.

Laksh: shall we leave? Afterall its my sangeet and i dont want my to be wife to wait for me.
Ragini: sure lets go.

They reach MM and ragini goes to change and get ready. Guests start arriving and everyone is ready. Laksh is standing beside the staircase waiting for her ladylove to come. When he sees ragini coming down wearing the same peach pink lehenga which they had bought together( remember they were stuck in the. Changing room) he is bowled over her beauty and innocence of her eyes. He wondered how can someone manage to look so hot and elegant and beautiful and gorgeous at the same time.
He came near her and said: wait will you please? Randhir will you please come here? Randhir she is ragini the wedding palnner and ragini he is randhir my best friend. Actually i wanted you both to catch up some time and know each ither more.. You know like find a soulmate in each other.
Ragini by now was completely broken after hearing what he said. She excused herself and went.
The cermony started and there were dance performances. Laksh and khushi too danced on the song tere sang yaara.. Ragini was shattered by all this. Now ap came and requested her to dance.
She went in the stage and danced on the song raja ki aaegi baarat rangili hogi raat.. She was crying bitterly but didnt let her tears come out. When finally she couldnt take it anymore she left from the stage and outside the venue. She felt someone tapping her shoulder and when turned she saw laksh satnding with tears in his eyes. She hugged him really tight and said: i cant live without you laksh. I am incomplete without you. You are my life. I love you. Please dont leave me. I am sorry for hurting you..
Laksh: shshshshshhh mera bachaa.. No need to worry. I am there for you. I will stand by your side. You need to know something. He tells her that khushi had a boyfriend is is running away and the entire plan.
Ragini: laksh are you sure this will work?
Laksh: hundred percent jaan. Trust me.
Ragini: i do.
He kisses her on her forehead and says now let us go in else everyone will come to know before we execute the plan.
Ragini: okay.

Preacap: shock for khushi.

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Credit to: Ananya


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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Finally Ragini confessed
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